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  1. Guy still there? If so, ask him to say Hippopotamus. PISC is the place to be.
  2. at 12 jumps I was maxing out with a 1.8:1 GR. It's different. You really need to just jump alone and figure it out.
  3. Mahalo Nui Loa Ash, He worked at PISC ever since I knew him. Rarely do people have the passion and desire for the air like Ash. Regardless of your ability or skill level he was always wanting to add to and assist others experiences in skydiving and BASE. It you who made me a believer in the Raven, it's a solid canopy mate. I went to jail for him one night in Honolulu. The next day when I got out we had some laughs over some drinks on the N. Shore. He taught me how to wingsuit. Loaned me a suit to jump until I got my own. He was a very gracious man. His passion extended into surfing, fishing and all around life. You're one of the good one's Ash. Thanx for the time, energy and experiences skydiving and BASE jump'n. Last time I saw him he went out of his way, ran up to the pickup before we left to load the plane to give me some advice on how to slow some things down. There's not many people who would consistently go out of their way like Ash to help others out in the sport. Miss ya my friend. Thoughts also go out to the other 2 jumpers on the load. Hang in there. E lei i ke aloha no na kau kau. Maui Mark.
  4. To Jimmy Hall. 100's of friends and family gathered at Ali'i Beach Park(Ali'i in Hawai'ian means Royality) on the N. Shore of O'ahu to wish him well. It was Beautiful to see the Ohana(family) of friends that showed up to wish him well on his next adventure. After a traditional Hawai'ian Cermony everyone gathered to the sea. Boats, Catamarans, Jet Skiis, Canoes, Surfboards...anything to get out to the Bouy where Jimmy spent his days with the Sharks. The Cermony out at sea was amazing. It was sad at times for me, but at the same time happy to know someone like him and spend as much time as I did with him. Still not enough... When you hear all the things Jimmy did in his life its mind blowing. Not just with BASE. It was a send off fit for a King. And as always Jimmy will contunie to inspire and motivate those left behind. "More Like Jimmy" A Hui Hou Jimmy.
  5. There is a memmorial for Jimmy Hall this Sun. May 20th 2007 at Ali''i Park in Hali'ewa, North Shore. I believe its at 0900 There are several memmorials planned that I know of. Some are going out to 3 mile on the boats. Others working on a dive between SDHI, and PISC at Dillingham Airfield. Jimmy is still in Canada as I know of. Please be respectful of his partners who came home to O'ahu and not ask them about what happened. They will open up and details will be known when the time is right. See you all out there. A Hui Hou Jimmy. Mark Stroeve
  6. with name and picture. include all details aloha mark stroeve
  7. I don't view the list as morbid. The AAJ actually keeps track every year of the names and accidents that occur climbing/hiking ect. As an avid climber I read it to learn from others that were once here. I don't know Nick D, but from what I read on the list he is not disrespectful. I just want to say this...WHO gives a fuck what others (media ect...) think about this sport. Do you think for one instant that they "get" it?? They never will. Did you get into BASE because of what others think? I hope not. If they view the list as morbid....let em. They will never understand. This is a sport where ignorance will hurt you. Jimmy was rad. I know that BASE was such a small part of his life. And he will be remembered for more than BASE jumping. I disagree that nothing good will come from Jimmys' death. He was one of the most positive people at the DZ on the N. shore and he will continue to be a positive influence on his friends and family that are left behind. I wouldn't mind talking the list over with you, but it seems you've made up your mind on what it means. Just because Jimmy passed away doesn't mean he can be a positive influence on someone elses life. Jimmy was larger than life itself. Are we Spiritual Beings with a Human Existence, or Human Beings with a Spiritual Existence? I miss you Jimmy. Blue Skies Brother. A Hui ho.
  8. Aloha. I met Jimmy last year during my AFF and he was very helpful and motivating. He had a contagious energy about him. Always smiling. I jumped with him a week before his passing, he was even on my 100th skydive. He was always willing to answer questions and provide support. I remember one time he filmed be during a mid air collision and said it was one of the funniest things he saw.....I was fuck''n scared. He was the first guy I ran into at the DZ when I got back from my FBJC from APEX BASE at the Perrine. Always smiling. He was just as interested in others adventures as his own. He was a humble man. I miss him. But I know that there is alot more to Jimmy than BASE. More than one can fill on this forum. He touched the lives of thousands. And he will be missed by many communities A hui ho Jimmy. I miss you. Aloha Mark Stroeve