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  1. Michael, Hi, When did Cessnock go under? They were operating as of a few months ago.... Cheers
  2. Hi There! I did my AFF course in OZ, not so strange seeing as i live there ;) The training conditions are fine, do you mean "do they have new student rigs?" not usually. OK, DZ's to jump @! I did my AFF at the New South Wales Skydiving Centre (Cessnock) 2 hrs drive from Sydney, unfortunately they don't do AFF atm, stupid local council situation, though this can change at any time, try ringing them, phone number here www.tandemskydive.com. This is the best DZ in NSW by far, they have a Cresco 9 seater, 14k in 10 mins (not bad eh?), last i heard the package was 2 k for 20 or so jumps. the bunkhouse is 10 dollars per night. I knew a guy who did his AFF in 3 days there. they are open every day of the year, even xmas i think.They will even come to Sydney to pick you up. Ramblers is in Qld (Brisbane), prolly the better option, as i know they run the AFF course, the price for a 20 jump package is similar to Cessnock, though you get packing lessons, i beleive they have a few aircraft that go to 14k, my friends jump there, it comes recommended. If Cessnock isn't available then change your plans coz this place is ACE. Sydney Skyding centre, i have no info other than, you will get more personal attention at either Cessnock or Ramblers, SSC is also VERY commercial I think you do three hopn pops to graduate. Neway, I hope i've muddied the waters for you :) Best of Luck!
  3. vmsfreak

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    I've completed the AFF table and about fifteen solo jumps, though this was over 18 months ago, what will i have to do to get back in the air? The whole AFF again? thanks.