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  1. Shaun was the man indeed, thanks to him (and Erik) and was able to remove the dust from my gear and do a jump after 2 years 1/2 without skydiving!
  2. Thanks all. Dumb question: how long does it usually need to do a full repack/inspection? Should I drop the gear and get it a few days after? What is the usual price for a repack/inspection? I am new to the US system, I was used to get my repack job done in France.
  3. I'm looking for a rigger in Long Island who could take care of my inspec/repack. Do you have someone you would recommend?
  4. Here is mine : http://pepelepieux.free.fr/photos/valentin_maquette.jpg
  5. Hey, same as you. I've about 20 jumps with my brand new Pilot168 (inside my brand new Icon) and it's awesome! I made a jump last week with another canopy (model XXXXX) and I saw the difference! The funiest part was at the landing, while my Pilot still fly even when I'm grounded, the other one was nearly landed before me No reason for me to change. Just a small issue of chest strap, but I'm sure Aerodyne will do something.
  6. Any feedback for a WS use? Thanks!
  7. Our nice Caravan in Normandy, I think it's the only one in France.
  8. What are your requirements, because Optima does not log anything. What are the logging options on a Viso? I'm looking for a good digital altimeter for my wing suit jumps (I already have a nice Optima for audible purpose).
  9. Hi there, So I created this thread a few months ago to give me some ideas for my next rig. Now here it is! I made my first jump with it last week, and it was great! Have a look!
  10. I received at last my Aerodyne rig, and was happy to see that everything was perfect: colors, models. I can't wait for my 1st jump with it. A tee-shirt and/or a ripcord, or small goodies like this would be great when someone buy a full rig... No gift in my box, snif..
  11. I agree with you, and Aerodyne is making a great work with their "demo tour", thanks to them I was able to demo my canopy, and that's why I bought Aerodyne. Next time I'll have to jump my reserve
  12. Hi, OK, this thread seems to be an "Aerodyne debate" so let me give you my opinion about Aerodyne. I decided to buy my first rig in december and place an order for an Icon I5 + Pilot168 + Smart. I was supposed to grab the rig in Eloy in March, and jump with it during my 3 weeks journey. Aerodyne told me that they would be able to give me a demo rig or find a solution if the rig was not ready. So before going to Eloy I tried to get some updates and the rep told me that the rig would not be ready, but maybe 1-2 week of delay. I was concerned about going to Eloy without a rig and Aerodyne told me "we have no demo, only a smaller canopy" (150 which is really small for a new jumper like me). So I had to rent a rig for 3 weeks. At the end I left Eloy,and flew back to France without my rig and with a bill for renting a canopy during 3 weeks. The canopy was ready a month later. I can totally understand that there could be a delay, but the Aerodyne Rep was not able to find a "good" solution (canopy at a correct size) for me, and that is the bad point. I like Aerodyne, I'm sure they're great guys, but this was a bad "customer experience" for me ...