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  1. Hi All I'm a newbie who's done a couple of tandem skydives, and lately have become deeply interested in watching wingsuit skydiver videos and wingsuit base jumpers. I wanted to ask, realistically, when do you think tandem wingsuit skydiving will become a commercial reality? (if it all?) I would love to feel the true feeling of flight, however I do not intend on pursuing 500 skydives and becoming certified. Thanks guys Wingsuit divers - you're living the dream for sure!
  2. hehe well i just figure that I only want to risk this once, get this major life goal accomplished and remember and treasure it for a lifetime.. then again who knows? I know i've got an addictive personality
  3. Good point you make there about all of you guys having just as much to lose. In regards to the earleir question, I want to skydive in Switzerland because I've seen the youtube videos over Interlaken and was blown away by that scenerey. Australian DZ's looks nice but nothing at all like this. I figure, if I'm going to do it just once... let it be in the nicest possible place? Anyone know anything bout that company i listed? Any info is much appreciated... thank you all
  4. Hello all, I am currently considering my first (and only) jump in Switzerland next year in Interlaken, with Scenir Air. I have always wanted to do this, since I first saw the skydiving scene from the film Point Break and had to rewind it 3 times in admiration and awe... I'm sure that it is something i want to do, I do not fear flights or hights but I certainly do fear death like any normal person does... But I think it's more then that... It's also because I have found my soulmate and possibly lifetime partner in a few years to come.... I've also just started a professional career after many years of study and growing up. Do i dare take the chance at never having kids? Also, anybody know if this company is reliable? low fatality rate? very safe? secure? good parachutes? good tandem instructors? Thanks very much guys, -New guy from Aussie land