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    Stolen by Sean Harrison. Former Tahoe jumper, last known to jump in Davis and Nevada, as well as Lompoc (Santa Barbara). Disappeared after making one payment on the rig; I can produce written admission by Sean himself that he never paid for the rig in ful
  2. Cashmanimal

    Canopy flying sideways on final

    Check your leg straps? Could be doing an unintended harness turn that isn't real obvious until you get close to the ground...
  3. Cashmanimal

    Skydiving photos from an excellent camerman

    Congratulations on your jump! Videographers/photographers are often overlooked (in my experience) in regards to the product they produce. Often, people assume they paid for it, the guy did his job, end of story... but it's always nice to hear the appreciation of the work. Congrats again!
  4. Cashmanimal

    Wide angle lense and exposure

    I would love to tell you I have a fix for i, but I don't. I can, however, sympathize with you. My camera was doing the exact same thing until I accidentally knocked it off my desk. Has worked great ever since. Edit to add: I don't think the lens had anything to do with it, as I had been jumping it for a few weeks before the exposure issues arose...
  5. Cashmanimal

    wide angle lense

    since I broke my preferred lens I have used the same/similar lens adapter. It works great, makes for great photographs and does a fantastic job, but it has a few cons: 1) Multiple lenses causes some fogging in extreme temperature changes (mainly in winter... still not TOO big of a problem). 2) It's heavy. especially since it is an adapter (probably being used on a kit lens?...) it works like a lever and is that much heavier. 3) I started using it after I had everything configured on my helmet, and when I flipped it on there the adapter was sticking into the frame on my video. Wasn't too big of an issue until I moved my camcorder forward, realizing it would be a while before I could afford my old lens again :(. Overall if it is your only option, it works. I have a lot of fun with it outside of skydiving, but it definitely serves its purpose.
  6. Cashmanimal

    jumping camera???

    This is a topic that has been beaten to death, run over multiple times, lit on fire and drug through a cactus farm. I would suggest taking advantage of the search feature, there is a multitude of this exact topic to be found.
  7. Cashmanimal

    cameramans pay

    In response to your first question, working all summer at Skydive New Mexico I was paid a flat rate for doing video, flat for stills, and flat for both. The money was put directly into my club account, as if it were a paycheck. My jumps were paid for, however. But being a club and a (relatively) slow DZ, there isn't really the opportunity to build up a usable balance. I usually fun-jumped all day saturday and worked my account to a deep negative balance, then worked all day sunday to pretty much come out even on the weekend. I thought it worked out nicely, but again I was not trying to earn an income off it. And as far as "adding fire" to anything, I tried to be the guru who could find a fairly recent topic on this, but failed miserably. I know it's here somewhere.... I feel that for the work I did/do, I am paid a fair wage. I am not the 'primary' video guy for tandems, although I was for AFF, and felt that I was treated, paid and manifested fairly. I don't have multiple rigs, I almost always packed for myself, and I pretty much use the same tape or two the whole time. I land, put my cameras on a charge, pack, do it again. I did edit my own videos, which became very quick and easy after the first few. But for those first few, I felt I should have been paid double what I got. I am sure there are plenty of people here who work as full-time video guys who will have more useful input on the subject, and more concrete opinions.
  8. Cashmanimal

    New rig and FF suit

    I don't usually care about the new gear posts... but I must tell you, very well done. Very snazzy. The only thing I would change would be the reserve handle to a pillow, and then have it all fitted for me. Damn, you even got the colors right...
  9. Cashmanimal

    Balloon jump anyone?

    Zee... I feel now after seeing your pictures that I should know you... but nothing is popping up in the ol' brain right now. Nice pics! I miss home...
  10. Cashmanimal

    DZ in California

    Hollister is about an hour and a half drive from San Francisco. WE have had absolutely wonderful weather, and you would have great odds of doing your jumps if you were willing to drive. Gotta root for the home team! There are a number of great dropzones around here. I pretty much jump exclusively at Hollister. Just got all new buildings! Come check it out!
  11. Cashmanimal

    Cesna 182 Video

    Both dropzones I jump at, which I think goes as a general statement for every cessna dropzone, the cameraman spots, climbs out, and hangs on the strut looking back towards the door to film the tandem from climb out on. Then, on the count from the TM, camera guy leaves just ahead to get the classic exit shot. I can't think of a better method... it gets the most footage out of the jump, all of which is pretty personal to the student. The only slight variation I have seen is basically the same thing, but on the exit the cameraman exits about the same time as the tandem and does a short head-down exit (into the relative wind-- bellies out at the bottom of the hill). I'm not sure on the technical aspects of this, but I would assume this would be coordinated with the TM for a slightly later drogue pull? to compensate for additional exit speed. Not a tandem videographer yet. Everything I just told you could be a lie.
  12. Cashmanimal

    Balloon Jumps

    okay, well, don't everybody all respond at once. Does anybody have what they would consider to be a respectable amount of balloon jumps that the would like to post? A fun story about balloon jumps? Pretty much anything involving the two hobbies of ballooning and skydiving that would keep this thread from becoming a complete and total failure?