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  1. When you live in the middle of no where and need a rigger… I need a reserve packed but don’t want to travel to a DZ for a boogie until it’s ready to jump. Anyone know a rigger near Montgomery Alabama? thanks JP
  2. Lurch, I love you brother. And for the record, Spot, Jeff, Scott, Monkey, Jarno, Simon, and Chuck (and everyone else I missed) I love you too, but not in that way Monkey... Thanks for refocusing us Lurch. The standardization I was talking about is a general agreement that a FCC should teach a student how to survive flying a wing suit, including but not limited to rigging and donning the kit, exiting the aircraft, navigating home, flying stable, deploying at a safe altitude, emergency pro refutes, and awareness so when they fly later on the don't hurt themselves. Then through additional coaching, improve their survivability skills and make them into safe little flockers. I think that is the crux of Spot's school in Cali, Chuck's school in raeford, and what lurch does as an independent wing suit teacher. I AM NOT calling for someone to take control, require documentation, or brand inspired vocabulary. Simon, send 'em my way. But just like Spot, I will ground them with prejudice if they aren't experienced enough to be in the suit, the suit doesn't fit, or their ego is too big for the suit. Justin Pabis (aka JP) (808) 386-9916 [email protected] Currently jumping at the greatest dz (with a king air!) in the Kansas/Missouri area, SKYDIVE KANSAS CITY.
  3. I can't help but point out the differences in this discussion with out pulling it further into a side bar... First off Wickey wants to build his own data base of people willing and capable of giving proper instruction on flying a wing suit safely. This is a pretty simple concept. If you are a wing suit coach and meet the USPA standard get on the bus. You might get a knock on your door from someone that wants to give you money in hopes that you can teach them to safely fly a wing suit as well as you do. Now let the counter mudslinging begin... The school of thought or rather the method or brands involved with the teaching method has little to do with the individuals who want to teach. In other words, whether you support the grid or not isn't a direct reflection on the ability of the coach. Currently PF is the manufacturer that has the most inclusive training program, but that doesn't necessarily negate what a former bmi knows and can teach a new wing suit pilot. Additionally there are clubs, teams and schools that aren't associated with a manufacturer that are doing great things for our discipline. It's more important that we standardize what we need to teach a fledgling pilot. I make my legit claim as a wing suit coach based on my skill, my ability and accomplishment as a winsguiter, and eh people who have taught me along the way. If I allowed my skill to go stagnent right now then I would be doing an injustice to any future students of mine. Bottom line instead of dumping on each other or firing latent insults towards a person that you don't know all the facts to, let's come together and standardize our discipline before the USPA decides we aren't competent and takes matters away from us.
  4. If you still have the fake check and such you can send it to: Financial Institutions Fraud US Secret Service 335 Adams St Suite 3200 Brooklyn, NY 11201 Add a brief note to explain. Its teh least you can do for Daren!
  5. Lurch I have a solution and more background to offer. Call me or talk to me about it on the weekend. I won't post it here. JP
  6. My correspondence with Daren: I sent the check, the envelope, the note and all of our electronic correspondence to The Secret Service Financial Institution Fraud team. If it clears with them We will be in contact. If you were an honest person you would have nothing to worry about. ----- Original Message ----- From: Daren Bent Date: Thursday, June 2, 2011 21:12 Subject: Re: URGENT REPLY NEEDED To: Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACEPabis > Still havent heard from you. Feel free to call me on my cell phone > so we can discuss better (44) 7527213661 > > Daren > > --- On Tue, 5/31/11, Pabis, Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACE < wrote: > > > From: Pabis, Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACE < > Subject: Re: URGENT REPLY NEEDED > To: "Daren Bent" < > Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 3:33 PM > > > Daren, this doesn't make any sense to me. Do you have a phone number I can contact you at? > > Daren Bent < wrote: > > >Am buying the canopy for personal use. I have a reliable shipper that does all shipping for me so he will be responsible for the inspection and pick up .Kindly get the differences to my shipper so he can come for pick up at once. Here is the details > >.. > > > >Name:- Preonda Graham > >City :- Fort Wayne , IN , USA > > > > > >Daren > > > >--- On Tue, 5/31/11, Pabis, Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACE < wrote: > > > > > >From: Pabis, Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACE < > >Subject: Re: URGENT REPLY NEEDED > >To: "Daren Bent" < > >Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 12:45 PM > > > > > >Daren, > >You also never answered me about your jump numbers, license numbers, and local DZ. Did you want to canopy on or off risers? and why do you need a shipping agent? Its packed in a box and can be sent to liverpool for next to nothing. > >JP > > > >----- Original Message ----- > >From: Daren Bent < > >Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 15:24 > >Subject: Re: URGENT REPLY NEEDED > >To: Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACEPabis < > > > > > >> Hello Pabis, > >> > >> > >> Thanks for the quick updates, regarding the payment been sent to > >> you.My financial institute{Hudson Valley Bank} issued out the > >> check and its afflicted to the college in yonkers and the more > >> reason why you should contact my account officer via email is to > >> confirm the receipt of the check so it will be activated and > >> ready for instant cash out ..Am covering this up due to loss or > >> theft of checks and once it occurs i can put a stoppage on payment > >> and The excess funds is meant for shipping cost.Actually i really > >> do not know how much it will cost for the shipper to be able to > >> get it shipped to me over here , Which was the > >> reason why i had to issue out enough funds for it all so there > >> wont be any delay while getting it shipped to me. I have other > >> additional equipments that I need to get shipped so I want to do > >> them all together..Thanks for understanding > >> > >> > >> Daren > >> > >> --- On Tue, 5/31/11, Pabis, Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACE > > >> From: Pabis, Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACE > Subject: Re: URGENT REPLY NEEDED > >> To: "Daren Bent" > Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 10:47 AM > >> > >> Darren, > >> What are you waiting to hear? I received it and told you that a week ago.. You still haven't told me why the check is for over three times the amount, why the check comes from a college in yonkers and was mailed from new york when you are in liverpool, or why I have to email another email address to have the funds made available. > >> jp > >> > >> ----- Original Message ----- > >> From: Daren Bent > Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 13:29 > >> Subject: Re: URGENT REPLY NEEDED > >> To: Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACEPabis > > >> > >> > Still > >> > waiting to hear from you so i can arrange for pick up because i > >> > have > >> > other equipments with the shipper that i will be shipping > >> > altogether....kindly get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks > >> > > >> > > >> > > >> > Daren > >> > > >> > --- On Thu, 5/26/11, Pabis, Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACE < > >> > From: Pabis, Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACE < Subject: Re: URGENT REPLY NEEDED > >> > To: "Daren Bent" < Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011, 7:25 AM > >> > > >> > Daren, > >> > I received the fedex package. I am confused there is a check in it for $3800 (USD). I only required $1250. Also there is a note to send an email to a different email address to make the funds on the check available. > >> > JP > >> > > >> > ----- Original Message ----- > >> > From: Daren Bent < Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011 8:56 > >> > Subject: URGENT REPLY NEEDED > >> > To: Justin R MAJ MIL USA USACEPabis < > >> > > >> > > Payment has been delivered to you and still haven't heard from you > >> > > > >> > > > >> > > > >> > > Daren
  7. Mike I will only come if I can ride on your back in a puprle bikini.