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  1. aardvarkeater

    In the market for a new HD video camera

    Cookie has a new version of the flat lock mount that has a section cut out to provide access to the media card slot. You just release the camera from the mount and you don't have to take off the plate.
  2. aardvarkeater

    Viewer/Player software for .mts files

    Try VLC. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Reliable player that will open just about anything. Been using it for years.
  3. aardvarkeater

    RW Bigway Skills Camp:Americus,Ga.:May 1st-3rd

    I'd be interested in the camp. Would it be ok to still participate if we couldn't jump on Friday?
  4. aardvarkeater

    Bulk ink systems

    Try cleaning the heads/nozzles with a qtip doused in alcohol.
  5. aardvarkeater

    Is this first beer-able?

    If you have to ask, you owe beer.
  6. aardvarkeater

    Editing software

    Here's a few options. Mac: iMovie comes with it and is free. It's a good software program to start with if just getting into editing. FinalCut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro are expensive but allow for more advanced features and options. PC: Windows Movie Maker comes with the OS. It's free but not very good in my opinion. Adobe Premiere Elements is a good intro level editor and not too expensive. Some more advanced options out there are Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro. It's not a complete list. There's a lot of considerations to think about when purchasing an editing package but that should get you started. Search the forums for threads discussing the different software packages to get some idea of what else to consider. My personal advice is if you haven't done much editing, start with a simple program and get a feel for it first. Then go to a more advanced system so you wont' feel overwhelmed. I'm sure there are others here with better advice so listen to them as well.