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    Skydive Indianapolis

    During Summerfest 08, my boyfriend and I wanted to stop at some DZ's on our drive back to Florida. I called this DZ to inquire about jumping there and was told to come on out. When we arrived and walked into the hanger, we were greeted very rudely by the manifest girl and was told that they did not fly fun jumpers and that all of their fun jumpers were now jumping at START in Ohio. I explained that I had talked to the DZO earlier in the week and she did not care. There was not one friendly hello or smile. Rather glares by obviously unhappy staff. I know now where not to go.
  2. mamajumps

    Skydive Chicago

    Skydive Chicago is the premier DZ. Definitely sets a standard that other DZ's should follow. The staff take professionalism and friendliness to an all new level. Everything is top of the line to facilities, planes, equipment, and housing at the DZ. Beautiful DZ, great vibe. Definitely a DZ to visit if you haven't yet. Tons of places to land, very well marked LZ. 2 Thumbs up!!!!!!
  3. mamajumps

    reserve pillow handle sayings

    On a rig I had a while back I had one that said oh shit.... a lot jumpers have that, so its not unique, but it is fitting....
  4. mamajumps

    Skydive The Farm opens Canopy School

    What is the cost? I have been wanting to take part in a canopy course and visit the farm too!
  5. Doesn't VT have a skydiving club? Seems to me like it would be one of them.... but what do I know....