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  1. I had so much trouble w iLife I ended up going with Final Cut Express. It was only $150 and you get so many more options it will pay for itself the first time you fire it up. "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  2. Help! I just had my new system delivered and am having some problems that I am hoping you guys can help me with. I purchased two HDR-HC9's and Cookie's box for the HC-5/7/9. Now that I have all my components together I cannot figure out how to get the camera into the box with the Hypoxic Cam-eye plugged in. The door position on the camera (the one that hides the attachment) points wont even stay open while in the box. Do I need to scrap this idea and go back to the drawing board or is there a fix I dont know about...Please help! I cant seem to figure out a way to post the pictures of the problem here, but this is a short slideshow of the components and the problem. "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  3. To me, it looked like a bit of "I crush your formation...I crush your formation!" I was actually helping you turn the Stack Leader's back to the target....just doing my part! "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  4. I use a 10mm for stills when flying tandems...adds a GREAT curved earth effect "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  5. Too many to count...but here is a link to some of mine! These we all from the same weekened, but I guess I just had good luck for once! Space%and%Airshow/?albumview=slideshow "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  6. The three jumpers in the photos were SFC Jarrett, SGT Walker, and of course Max... That reflection shot was one of my favorites...I suppose it just goes to show that if you are in the right place, at the right time, enough times () you might actually get a "keeper" of a shot! "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  7. Think it depends on who your CD is and how seriously you take the anything else, you can simply meet the standards or fight to exceed them. Kip Lohmiller exceeded every stadnard in both training and testing and expects the same of his candidates. At our course there was a 64% pass rate so he certainly does not give anything away... Again, I think it depends on your course director... "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  8. I only have personal expirience with one CD and I would reccomend him to anyone, that is Kip... He is very hard but fair, but works closly with each studient to focus on thier strengths. He teaches very well during the precourse and is entirely approachable throughout the entire course. He certainly makes you earn your rating during the eval however and several people did not pass the course. this proves that he does not give ratings away and sets the bar very high for AFF-I's Kip Lohmiller has my reccomendation as a fantastic course director. "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  9. That is what we had tried, but like you said, if the canopies go to far, they turn to a downplane and the tension gets intense. Will try to have one guy hold grips while the other steers and then grip switch... Thanks! "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  10. We are interested in putting together some side-by-side and tri-by-side's but as of right now we do not have any straps. We do a ton of biplanes and down-planes, but when-ever we try a side-by-side it ends up rolling over to a down plane. Does anyone have any suggestions as how to get the canopies side-by-side without straps? We have tried a few leg locks, but nothings seems to work well... "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  11. Working on a "custom" UPT Tandem video (Sigma) that basically uses the Bill Booth intro and waiver explanation, but then sub-ing in a Tandem Expirence as done by our Team instead of the Ron Regan Jr. piece. Does anyone know the best way to bring the ISO file into Premier and make it editable, or worst case, make the ISO file a Window's Media file (don't know the extention for that) Thanks! "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  12. ArmyMedic


    My personal rig is unfortunatly NOT a wings...but my next one will be! We use Wings exclusivly on our Demo Team, and I would recommend them to anyone for any discipline
  13. Max- it was great to see you on all the news, but even better was that shirt you were wearing- Very Nice! "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  14. yup...that was it! Backlight feature was on, turned it off and have flown everything from from first lift through sunset loads and it works great...thanks for all the tips! "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"
  15. Did a dumb thing and pull it out of the box, mounted it and flew it for some semi-high vis tandems...looking at the manual now! "This is better than sex, and cheaper too!"