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  1. Does anyone know or want to take a guess at what the rate of decent for a cutaway main would be?
  2. I didn't hang around for the training, it was allready running almost an hour late, soon to be dark, and after hearing what the training included I thought it best to just travel the extra 45 min to the next DZ in hopes of better training offered. I'm not sure what the money was going to cover.
  3. Thanks skr and everyone else. Im glad it's not just me thinking too much into it.
  4. Exactly, I'm not saying that my time in the army should take the place of Skydiving Water Training, I was actually looking forward to it. but if I'm going to have to pay money then I would like to be able to take something more away from the training.
  5. I was in Army up until 2003 stationed in Hawaii and was part of the battalion scout team. being in that platoon we had extensive training in water survival, lot of swimming with all gear on, getting out of our gear in the water, swimming down away from the surface and then out away from your gear before sufacing, ect.....all good stuff. MY POINT. The instructor teaching my water training course was busy with tandems at the time of the training and called on someone else to instruct for him. as I was waiting to take the course he's telling his replacment (who had never taught this course) "all you have to do is put them in a harness, push them in a pool and let them swim out of it and your done." WTF.....I was interested in learning somthing new that day that could potentally save my life, after hearing that I had a strong feeling I was waisting my time and money. If that is as serious as Water Training is then it shouldn't be required by the U.S.P.A. to get your B license.
  6. Well, I went ahead and got myself a Pro Track. Mainly because it has good reviews and it does everything I want it for. The neptune seems to have a lot of good features but also alot of problems. The reviews aren't the best either. Not having to worry about the headache of it not working and having to send it in for repair, to me is worth the not having the extra features. Thanks for everyone's input!
  7. Thanks, I appreciate your help. Is there anything that the Pro track does that the Neptune doesn't?
  8. I've heard that the neptune is to thick to fit in some helmets. have you had any problems with this?
  9. yeah, I was looking at that one too but I wanted to get one with a log book.
  10. I'm wanting to get an audible altimeter. this will be my first one. I've been looking at the Pro track, the Skytronic GFX, and the ALti 2 neptune. Can anyone give me there opinion on which one is best, and most durable?
  11. how do I find out what the square footage of my raven I reserve is? I have looked on the label on the tail of the canopy, all it says is model, serial #, and date of manufacture. on the side of the canopy it only says raven. to me it looks like its about 170 or better. the date of manufacture is sept 95. can anyone help?
  12. yeah, i only have 75 jumps, but only about 25 at this DZ, I got certified In HI, and moved to fl. so I'm not really in the group yet.