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  1. Sweet flying!! I am jealous you have that huge space to fly in!! Im just curious how your progression has been with doing like 3 or 4 ways in the tunnel, or in your case you can do up to 8 ways, ? Ive got around 15 hrs and thats where I find the challenge is with flying with multiple people turning points!
  2. If you plan on going to Lodi I would try out Ed, he's on of the best instructors there in my opinion, heres his website.
  3. Im a huge fan of infinity. Kelly (owner) and tony (manager) are awesome guys to work with when building your rig. I dont have any other personal experience with those other rig manufacturers but Infinity is top notch with their customer service. And not to mention they have the the most comfortable rigs Ive tried on!
  4. Can you do sit to sit kart wheels in the tunnel or the sky? Or can you do sit to sit front flips in the tunnel or sky, I would start with those if you cant do them..... It took me at least 1hr of tunnel of just practicing front flips to head down, which were by far the hardest transition to learn, kart wheels came a lot quicker and back- flips were really easy for me. I think you should spend more time then 4 min a week practicing your transitions and also see if you can get some other coaches opinion on what your doing wrong, in the sky and the tunnel.
  5. What he said plus I noticed when I roll the tail from the slider all the way down the trailing edge, 3-4 rolls. My openings are generally pretty sweet!
  6. 2232 jumps exactly I think it depends on the person and how comfortable and aware of how they're flying their bodies. So to put an exact number on it would be hard. Ive got tunnel time and about 600 jumps and I wouldnt consider myself proficient, Im safe and can take docks in any body position but not proficient.
  7. Im going to give this thread a little bump since we are less then a month away now!!
  8. Sex with the opposite gender, doesnt matter if its the same breed
  9. Ironmanjay

    HD drills?

    Well I was having a hard time with transitions, particularly the front flip to head down, so what my coach had me do was fly off the net and do a full front flip from head down back into a head down position and I could do it!! Yeah I know weird but that helped me do the sit to head down transition. So just last week I got my last check for all the transitions, front flips, kartwheels and back flips. I just kinda had to endure the pain of doing them until I got them, it sucks but its worth it now because I can transition anyway I want.
  10. Why are you talking please be quite now! Ive got a CF 134 loading at 1.6 and its good for straight in approaches , it gets me back from long spots hanging on the rears and it can be swooped in. Its an awesome canopy!
  11. OHH your by a tunnel!! Shit just hit that up ditto on what bomb 420 said. Tunnel flying has improved my flying exponentially faster and better then skydiving!!!!
  12. You could do some professional free fly coaching and Do 2 or 3 ways at the biggest and use them as a reference and have them not chase you thru the sky. You have to learn how to be strong in your legs and torso, your arms are just there for a little bit of balance and for docking. So when you do these practice jumps really focus on leaning back and pushing down with your feet into the relative wind. Some tips I tell people is think of your shoulder blades as hooks and you want to hook them on the air. Also make sure you can see your thumbs in your peripheral vision. And maybe dont take out head down exits till you can sit fly better just free fly the exit without grips, it will teach you how to fly your body on exit.
  13. Giggity giggity girly does this count?
  14. Thats just wrong, you should put a warning label on that pic....