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  1. That's fine too. Thank you.
  2. Howdy all- Trying to get in touch with Florida jumper Wanda Hofsommer. If you have any contact info for her, pls e-mail me or shoot me a PM. Thx much. r/John Meyer Virginia Skydiving Center Petersburg, VA
  3. I jumped at Schweighofen when I was stationed in Stuttgart, and I highly recommend it for location, friendliness, and facilities. Great people and a really nice location out in the middle of beautiful rolling hills of German countryside. Good luck and have fun.
  4. Thx to all who have responded or shown support for the VB tunnel. We are really excited about the project and discussions with city council and local business owners are progressing nicely. Click on the link below (or copy and paste into your web browser) to see a recent Channel 3 news clip, and stay tuned for more exciting news on iFLY VB! "http://www.wtkr.com/videobeta/f4c621d8-fd83-462e-974c-0a73bde12e7d/News/Beach-lot-to-be-turned-into-new-development"
  5. ...and the new location promises to be even better than the previous one (and more neighbor-friendly). Check it out on FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Indoor-Skydiving-Va-Beach/186737008062668
  6. jhm

    Mantis Position

    Lots of good video on Rhythm's website...here's just one example: http://www.rhythmskydiving.com/gallery.html# There used to be another website which would've been a good resource for you....called "tunnelcamp.com". Contained several good demonstration videos of various moves and associated body inputs. I don't believe the website is up anymore, but some of those videos might still be out there in cyberspace somewhere. Good luck and kudos to you for making the deliberate effort to improve your flying!
  7. Indoor skydiving Va Beach website is up. http://www.indoorskydivingvabeach.com/index.php
  8. Howdy folks- Here is some exciting news that you all might be interested in. VIRGINIA BEACH IS GETTING A WIND TUNNEL!! That's right...there are plans underway to build an indoor skydiving wind tunnel in Virginia Beach next year; doors opening for business Summer 2013. It will be a 14' recirculating tunnel with the latest flight- and climate-control technology for the ultimate indoor flying experience! If you're in the Virginia area, and would like to see this dream become reality, please show your support by contacting VB Councilman John Uhrin, 757-200-7005, [email protected] and The Honorable Mayor Will Sessoms, 757-385-4581, [email protected] Even if you're not a resident of Virginia Beach (or even a resident of Virginia!), you are invited and encouraged to show your support through these contacts. They want to hear from EVERYONE that would be interested in this exciting project. Tell them that if Virginia Beach builds this tunnel, YOU WILL BE THERE!!! Stay tuned for additional information...we will be posting updates via e-mail, multiple websites, and the local media. Thx, and Blue Skies. r/John Meyer