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  1. Actually, Boituva is a little trick, it is only one dropzone. One company owns the 4 planes. But there are like 10 schools using these planes in the same dropzone. All of them use the same aircrafts and landing zone.
  2. It is in Sao Paulo, also the biggest city in Brazil. There are good dropzones in Parana, a state closer to Paraguay.
  3. Then hit Boituva, its the closest one (Turbine) from Assuncion,Py You will have a good time there! :) jumps non stop! There are good dropzones in Parana too.
  4. Brazil is huge dude! We have 4 turbine dropzones in Brazil, only weekends. The biggest one is Boituva, Sao Paulo, they have 4 Caravans and the best flyers in the country. There is a Dropzone in Manaus and in Boa Vista, in the North of Brazil, both have Caravans in the weekends. My home Dropzone is in Fortaleza, Ceara, and is the only one with a ocean view and has 2 Caravans. Thats it, we have a lot of dropzones, but all of them with little cessnas.
  5. Its a good helmet, basically a copy of the parasport italia Z1. Check these out on the link below, lot of options, search the forum for feedback on the helmet you might like. The helmet everyone is talking about is the Cookie G2. Blue ones!
  6. Set to manual focus daily. Looses setting after 12 hrs Auto Exposure, auto scene. Be careful not to use the spot focus/spot exposure method! Power on by LCD - OFF X.V. Color turn - ON Turn off face and smile detection Preference: Keep steady shot on, change to wide angle lens Preference: Turn auto shutoff to never Source Hypoxic
  7. I dont have one, i use a cx110 top mounted on the same helmet you have. I think top mount its safer regarding Riser slaps and those mounts look really good and low profile. The horizontal one will fit on the flat top of your helmet and it will still have some room left. If you are not secure about it, send them a email and ask the dimensions of the mount and compare it with your helmet. Blue ones!
  8. Check this out,i think top mount is the way to go...
  9. I see, i think this post might help you out...
  10. There is a fellow skydiver that sells those adapters, his name is Laszlo Andacs , he posts here under his name.
  11. If you are going to Top Mount it, i would go with the RAWA box for the CX110/150, its the only one i think that the Hypeye a/v conector stays inside the box, that way it is more protected than on the outside like the other boxes around. The RAWA box for the cx110/150 works top mounted on any helmet with a flat top.
  12. Hi DSE, i mind a wireless remote controler, so i can turn on, record etc with a remote controller in my hand Blue ones! :)
  13. Hello, i tried the search here and google, but did not find anything. I heard that some skydivers are starting to use a wireless remote control to use on the sony hdr cx series, as an alternative for the hypeye. Anyone knows anything about this? I know drift action camera has one. The hypeye is great, but i would like to know if there is an alternative.
  14. I will try to help... Since you live near Miami, i guess is much easier to buy a LS suit. Ouragan has the same quality, but the delivery times are longer, they are located in Canada now and the costumer service does not get near that Liquid Sky provides. You will be happy with both, but i would go with a Liquidsky suit for the reasons listed above!
  15. I personally know 2 jumpers whom had cypress fire and both said they were aware and waited for the cypress to fire their reserve. They locked, just locked in belly position. One tried 2 times to deploy the main and freeze in position and the other had a hard time to extract the pilot chute and waited for the cypress, no intention whatsoever to deploy the reserve. Both of them had more than 100 jumps when it happened.