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  1. Actually Dave, you tucked your tail and left after being bitch slapped, then fired. Congrats to Skymama on her ratio of 48:1 posts:jumps
  2. I heard you got punched and then you got fired. And to the Moderator who removed this before, why do you remove mine and not his? What you did was very favorable. Of course, as a greenie, you have such immense power on such an important website that somehow fulfills a need in your life, so you must act in these ways.
  3. You're the only one who got punched, then left.
  4. Hey Dave, I looked on the website and didn't see you organizing. You got something else going on? I forget we have family sometimes.....peace
  5. Fuck yea. Just booked my ticket today. Lookin to do some rad jumps with the East Cost Crew. Can't wait to leave this fucking snow behind me.
  6. Looking at the chart I don't think it will. Maybe you could use a mesh slider and reduce the pack volume. Or, change the way you pack so the bag is taller and not wide. then add longer rubber bands than normal for the stows that go through the grommets and lengthen your closing loop.
  7. What teams are competing and in what class I know of Arsenal and Standard but who else?
  8. Totalbodypilot is not at Wings anymore. He is in fact on his way up to the Ranch to train with his new FS team. The team includes Vertifly, Peter G. on video, and the Totalbodypilot. Look for them at nationals. They're calling themselves "The Three Stooges".
  9. It is exactly what the other reviews read like. Terrible vibe, fun jumpers leave early due to not being able to get on loads because of tandems. Staff is rude due to working environment. I saw the DZO treat them like skum. Waited 3 hours to get on loads sometimes. I won't be going back.
  10. I doubt you've gotten all you can out of your Katana. Once you mastered that canopy, then move on. I learned to fly my canopy before I went to a velocity. I was doing 270's and using rears before I went to a Velo. There is no reason to go to a canopy that will only make learning harder. Seems that you've already made up your mind though so I have a Velocity 90 for sale since you're so eager to die.
  11. If I were either one of those instructors, I would hope after that jump that I would forfeit my rating. It would be nice if the USPA would institute some kind of program that if this situation were to occur, that the instructors have to take some kind of course to make sure they are requalified before they be allowed to do anymore instructor jumps. How it would be policed, I don't know. Just thinking.....
  12. gotta agree with Jose. That is some of the funniest shit I've ever seen. I only hope they barbequed him up that evening.
  13. I came across this post and i couldn't stop laughing. This is some really good shit. ha ha ha. I'm a struggling comedian that goes on the road doing standup and i have hard time writing good stuff. Would you consider writing some dry comedy for me? ha ha ha. i'm still laughing, you're so funny. good times. i love you forever.. charlie
  14. hey guys, i just found this really neato program on my puter. it calld photoshop. I think I'm the smrtest one on my bus.
  15. As a student the best TIP I got was from an instructor....."stay away from JP"