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  1. Time Left: 27 days and 3 hours

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    Total package here: 2018 Mirage G4M5.5 (only six jumps); 2014 Sabre2 170 (~35 jumps); 2014 PD Optimum 176 (0 rides); Cookie G3 (L); VISO; Solo; Tonfly Uno 618; Ouragan FF pants; PD gloves; and assorted bags & manuals. I moved to Mississippi a few years ago - a state without a single DZ. Since then work, kids, new pursuits...so it's time to let this kit go, though I've hated to part with it. It has been well kept and cared for in an air conditioned walk-in closet by a responsible owner. Mirage Container has TRAP, full articulation/SS, and with only 6 jumps is basically brand new. Sabre2 is B/Y/B/B/B/Y/B...with ~35 jumps, also basically brand new. Zero reserve rides. A Cypress Expert (kept from my last rig) is included, but I can't locate my old pack data card with DOM, and I *think* Cypress has a year or two of its 12-year life remaining. I'm not going to open the reserve tray to find out, so just assume it's expired and if it has another year or two, a bonus for you. The helmet and suits are in good condition. I'll launder the suits before shipping. VISO/Solo are included, as are a set of gloves. Tonfly has ~300 jumps and Ouragan pants have ~125 jumps. I'm 5'8" and 160lbs for your reference. If you have any questions I haven't answered, please reach out. I'd be happy to ship direct to your rigger for inspection and we can negotiate shipping. Thanks for looking.


    Circle, Mississippi - US

  2. I will double check on this and see who will be there. When will you be arriving? Thank you very much. I plan to get there Thursday, mid-afternoon.
  3. I unexpectedly have free time next week and would like to go to this . . . unfortunately, my reserve needs a repack. Will any riggers be out there that could repack? I live in Mississippi and there are no riggers here. Of course, I'd be willing to pay extra - considering the circumstances. Thanks
  4. I recently tried Chambersburg since it is convenient to Northern Virginia, and had a great experience. However, my second trip was very disappointing. I manifested as soon as I arrived at the dropzone, and almost 3.5 hours later I finally boarded the aircraft. Unfortunately, the load was overbooked, and there was no room for the tandem's videographer. Bottom line - I was asked to bump to the next load, although no one was manifested and the fuel truck was dry, therefore requiring the plane to fly to a distant airport to take on fuel. I did the math, figured it would be at least another hour, and I wasn't willing to wait after already being 'manifested' for nearly 4 hours. I also knew that I was the first person to manifest for that load - but no one was willing to put a two-way with me (solo) on another aircraft so everyone could jump - the two-way wanted to be on the same load as the tandem and videographer, so they could ride to altitude together. So, I drove 4 hours roundtrip to sit at a dz for 4 hours. At least nobody got hurt.
  5. anybody know of a place to buy a block of ice in the northern virginia area? seems like an easy thing to find, but i haven't found an ice dealer yet. its for an ice luge...i figured some skydivers could point me in the right direction! thanks
  6. Recently, I had the opportunity to make a jump w/ some friends with borrowed equipment. The borrowed equipment included a container with a leg throw out PC --unfamiliar to me. I did a few practice touches on the ground and felt comfortable enough. I was doing a 3 way with 2 friends, both of whom are D license holders. One friend said he'd hang with me and watch my deployment sequence at our planned pull altitude. When it came time to deploy, I could not find my handle. I tried to trace the lift web to the leg strap and could still not find it...I could not even visually identify it. I then decided (still altitude aware) to deploy my reserve, and was going for the handle, when I noticed my fellow jumper fly in and deploy the leg throw out. Had I not ceased my action, it would have resulted in two canopies out. lessons learned: 1. unfamiliar gear? get to know it, whatever that takes. according to my fellow jumper, upon deployment altitude I first reached for a BOC that wasn't even there. 2. have a plan, rehearse the plan. I knew my plan...I was deploying the reserve. My buddy didn't know the plan, and it almost cost me.
  7. Most of my jumps are on MC-5s (military) with large F-111 main canopies. In the landing pattern, as instructed, I always flew at half brakes, resumed full flight at 100', and then executed the flare - no real problems. Since then, I have jumped some ZPs, and found them easy enough to land...these were fun jumps at civilian DZs so kept them in full flight in the whole pattern. Wing loading on the ZPs around .9:1. Recently I purchased a ZP canopy, which will be loaded at 1.3:1 (wanted something a little larger, but couldn't pass this deal up). Definately can't wait to jump it, but also don't want to be at 100' wishing I had another 30 sq ft of nylon over my head either. I am a very conservative pilot, and plan to use extreme caution on the first several landings. I have some buddies who are convinced I'm good to go with this, but I'd like a neutral opinion from an experienced skydiver.