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  1. Skydive shot on the hero 4: http://youtu.be/SIqNoV-dfSc The colors and dynamic range looks good to me, maybe its time to update my old hero 1 :-)
  2. I use a program called AviDemux, its fast and easy, just set the start and stop points, and set output to mp4 :-)
  3. http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/04/sony-action-cam-HDR-AS30V/ Will be exciting to see how the footage compares to GP3, and if the bitrate has gone up.
  4. The Nikon does not offer full manual exposure control in video mode, I belive the Canon is better for video.
  5. The gear is hydraulic driven, and that is probably what's holding it in place. But i dont know at what pressure it is operated, and how much weight it can take.
  6. I know of several 182 TRG used for skydiving, and standing on the gear doesnt seem to cause any problems. I have been on the gear with 3 to 4 other guys lots of times. I dont know if there have been made any modifications to the gear to allow this. However, one of them had a problem because of the grass runway being used, that broke the gear one time.
  7. Ah, okay. When you export the movie, do you use "Export - Movie" or "Export - Adobe Media Encoder"? In the media encoder there is a preview screen, and settings for video size etc. there you can change the the videosize so the black bars are gone.
  8. You can use "effect controls - motion - scale" to fit the video. I use it most for year end videos with different formats. If you use only one format type you have to set the right settings when creating the project.
  9. Dropkick Murphy - Shipping Up To Boston
  10. does it log fulll altitude jumps normally even when in slow mode? Have had no problems with the logs so far in ~200 jumps. However, if you land with the plane it might log it, so you have to erase it afterwards.
  11. Have my Viso set to slow, it logs hop'n'pops everytime
  12. Promo for the DZ I jump at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3eLZxCYH-g
  13. Maybe it's because of the small size of the TG1, that electronic stabilisation is used.