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  1. My personal motto is " You can only truly experience life, when you are in danger of losing it" Just my $.02 Blue ones
  2. I agree, I spent most of Saturday watching the clips at, and it was freaky watching that clip. ( I don't have a car, and couldn't find a ride, or borrow a car, so the DZ was out for the weekend) And the weather has finally gotten nice here in Colorado! Anyway, my whuffo roomie, nearly had an heart attack when I showed it to him. blue ones
  3. prepheckt


    No kidding, I go to school near Colorado Springs, and you can see the smoke from the fires. I woke up last night around 2 AM, and it smelled like someone was BBQing....weird
  4. 1) Do you think the uspa is doing a good job? Yes, for the most part 2) Do you feel membership dues are a good value for the money? yes, I have my own insurance,but it's good to know it's there. I also look forward to each new Parachutist each month. 3) Do you feel they are looking out after "joe upjumper"? Yes, they are trying to fix what's wrong and improve what works, it may not work,but they're trying. 4) what would you like to see them do that they are not doing now? Allow all members access to financial statements, to see how our money is being spent. This will allow us to make sure it isn't wasted. 5) How do you feel about the group member program? It's all up to the DZO I think. A DZ should not be forced to join if they don't want to. 6) what do you feel they are doing that they should not be doing now? Again, not sure 7) Do you really care what the uspa does? Yes, they represent me to the FAA, and try to make this sport safer. 8) Do you feel that swooping should be added to the nationals?. I would have to say no, until they can certify people (not sure how) ******added********* 9) Do you feel membership to the uspa should be manditory? No, its all up to the individual jumper. I like being a member. 10) If you feel the uspa is broke. How would you fix it? Don't know that it is. 11) Would you like to have a real time, town hall type chat with the national directors (internet relay chat)? Sure, I'd like to see what they'd say. 12)What single thing should be on the uspa's top priority list? Changing the repack cycle to 6 months
  5. You poor bastard...I award you no points, and my God have mercy on your soul. Blue ones
  6. I'm thinking about getting the 03 Nissan 350Z...I think hocking my immortal soul will pay for it, unfortunately it doesn't cover insurace/jump money...
  7. No joke, I live in Gilbert, an hour from Eloy, and damn. Yeah, so much for the "dry heat" !!!!!
  8. Apprently, I'm a boxer, (pretty good record) Baja California Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, I actually found a picture of me when I was at the USAF prep school, shortly before I entered the AFA. That's me on the left.
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    No, he had them in his helmet, he jumped the player.
  10. prepheckt

    WAV -> MP3

    Download musicmatch jukebox, it converts wav-mp3. It works okay, at least in my experience. blue ones
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    What kind of music gets you pumped up about jumping? on a side note, what do you think of people listening to music while jumping? I was at Eloy in March, and I saw a guy hook up his MP3 player, It kinda freaked me out, what do you guys think?
  12. I try to get as many coach jumps as I can, I figure, I can beneift from their experience and gain skill faster than doing it on my own. Blue ones
  13. that works too. It's best to do that in the middle of a state of drunkeness, so you don't remember what happened. :)
  14. Are you running Windows 98, because I had the same problem, no matter what I closed down, it would never finish because something would make defrag start over. If you want to be sure, when the computer is booting up, hit F8 and put the computer in safe mode and do it that way. It should run with no problem. Blue ones.
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    Skydive Arizona

    I did ASP at Eloy in the summer and it was great. Everyone looks out for students and helps new jumpers. Safety is the first priority there. Everytime I go back, my old JM's ask how I'm doing. I am so glad that I can call Skydive Arizona my home dz.