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  1. matt002

    Chaos VS Space

    When I got my first x brace (katana 107 - velocity 96) I remember being distinctly underwhelmed by the initial flights. I imagined that x braced canopies were something super hardcore, I don't know what I was expecting but it was just a canopy, much like any other. My katana despite being larger, lost more height in turns, had lower riser pressure and seemed to me at the time more high performance, I later came to realise it was just less efficient as a wing and with the correct technique the x braced was so far advanced that I couldn't go back to 'flying' any 9 cell. I think your observations are quite correct, although most x braced canopies at a lower wing loading will tend to have less reliable openings, from what I hear some of the newer models are better in this respect. Like you say, the very negative recovery arc is something all x braced canopies will share, this is a necessary characteristic of modern high performance wings, provided the pilot is experienced in flying a canopy that has this property, then of course x braced is an option. I guess the reason that x braced canopies are held up as being solely for experienced high performance pilots is that most people looking to fly them are basically looking to fly hard and use then for the purposes they are designed for, few people looking for an everyday canopy to land straight in would look for such a wing as there are usually cheaper and more suitable canopies avaliable for that purpose, but like you say, that doesn't mean a x braced canopy can't be used, just it would rarely be the best option to such a jumper.
  2. matt002

    Jeb Corliss - Back in Black [video]

    That's the gayest Jeb video I've ever seen, that's quite an achievement, well done!
  3. matt002

    Swoop speeds/AAD

    If you are starting your rotation around the 750-800' mark, it is very unlikely that you will reach a sufficient speed within the firing window regardless of canopy or wing loading. I have witness 2 aad fires during landings and both times the rotations were started over 1200' one was a 450, the other a 630. It would seem to me that you need to be reaching the trigger speed much higher to get the aad to fire, so for me, I turn off my AAD when doing turns greater than 450 degress as the initiation height will always be greater than 1200' and I wil be reaching high vertical speeds close to the activation height, I don't trust the speed setting of an aad in this situation, I want the device off or not in the rig at all. For turns of 270 degress of less, I am happy to leave it on regardless of canopy or wing loading. For info, I have used my viso to play back peak vertical speeds during the turn, the peak speed was always reached at around the 200' mark(beginning of the recovery arc) For a 270, peaks were around the 80mph For 450-630 peaks were around 115mph
  4. matt002

    peregrine video

    So what particular characteristic does this canopy have that makes it so dangerous compared to a say a comp velo 71 that has no such restrictions? Is this any different to what PD has done for years? (Sponsor top pilots and supply them with the latest canopy/line set/rds) Judging from the serial numbers of my comp velos, I would imagine there is such a small market for these canopies that there is no money to be made selling them to the public anyway.
  5. matt002

    riser pressure

    Pretty much every canopy I've owned will max out on front risers after the first 360degrees. If you want to keep the turn going past that you will need to start adding harness input as you come up to the 270degree point. My usually turn on a velocity 84 is a 630, the risers are rock solid after the first 270, it's all harness after that point. Worth noting that harness imput is very effective on highly loaded wings, your sabre will probably need quite a bit of physical effort to keep the rotation going past 360 degrees, a sabre 2 will probaly be very slightly easier due to being tapered rather than rectangle.
  6. Im ok with it, I like to see the newest linesets and canopy designs being tested in the competition environment, for me thats part of competition, getting to see the new stuff. I have always found that the pilots jumping these new designs are very open about what it is they are jumping and how the testing is going, they can never say when its going to be released as that is not their decision. Perhaps I would feel different if I was competing at the top level but for me and I would guess 90percent of those who compete, the canopy/lineset is not the factor keeping me off the podium at a high profile event, experience is. Anyone who now jumps a comp velo will tell you that the difference between that and the regular is very slight, its not gonna break world records by itself. Most of the pilots who are experienced enough to be competing for medals at high profile events are generally the ones jumping these test designs anyway.
  7. matt002

    JVX all sail production

    It's ony available to the sponsored pilots, been that way for a while. Comp Velo is a competition specific canopy not best suited to regular freefall jumps (comes with rds and 300lb line as standard and for subterminal deployments) also quite expensive compared the the regular velo. What's your intended use?
  8. matt002

    toggle transition

    It surges forward slightly because your transition from rears to toggles is quite slow and there is a definite gap between rear riser and toggle input. The canopy is returning to its neutral pitch (no rear riser input) before the toggle input takes effect. Your rear riser input looks a little late and heavy (to a velo pilot, is that a jvx?), and your still turning a little during your rec arc to get on your line.
  9. matt002

    Swoop Pond Pictures

    here is the pond at RAPA, my favourite competition pond