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  1. I am trying to choose one of the WS specific configuration files for my flysight. The ones that are downloadable from the wiki site are time, speed and distance. They are now saved and in a map in the flysight. But when I try, according to the instructions, to toggle the switch back and fort, on-off-on I do not hear any sound. The instruction say that the unit should go through the available configurations and to turn it off when you reach the desired one. I must be doing something wrong, does anyone recognize this and can help me?
  2. No you don't need burgers, you need less carbs and more training Will we see you in Norway this summer?
  3. I have Vectran on my Icarus 330 but have just bought a new line set of Dacron. I think it will be easier to get soft openings and the lines should last longer. No tension nots ever though.
  4. Hi, your lines will be fine as far as I can tell from the description. You do not want to be cutting any part of the line. Ask a rigger to fingertrap the excess line and check everything before you jump it if you are not sure.
  5. Hi, I would like to buy a piece of the larger hole mesh that is used for Base pilot chutes. Paragear used to have it but now they have changed to an even larger hole type. Could someone here sell me a piece or point me in the right direction? Needs to be roughly 25x25 inches. Thanks, //rené
  6. Where the stabiliser normally is there are thin flag like parts and two of them have slider stops at the end. Sorry I can't describe it better. The pic is the only thing I could find right now.
  7. I think you are right. The reserve I have here now is a Firelite from GlidePath. Could not find the original thread that I now I read here though.
  8. Does anyone remember an incident a few years ago where a reserve with thin flares with slider stops at the bottom was damaged, lines ripped and part of the canopy tore on opening? I am looking at a reserve right now that has these type of flares but cannot find what reserve it was that had this incident.
  9. RTB

    Large hole mesh

    Does anyone here know where I can find mesh for a pilot chute with medium sized holes? I don't like the really large holed type that Paragear now carries and I don't want the fine mesh which is standard. Thanks for any help.
  10. This is interesting, does this mean that if you are using the RSL and have a baglock, that has not released the riser covers, you should manually release them before cutting away?
  11. Hi, we have had a reserve ride on a Sigma that I believe could have the same cause as your. The difference being that the reserve deployment was clean and that the safety pin was still in place after landing. Even though we could not duplicate the same situation later what happened was the safety pin did not release even though the drouge was out. Under very special circumstances the pin will lock leading to an impossible release. In your case the safety pin could have released once the tension was gone. In our case it was easy to lift the safety pin once on the ground.
  12. I can't wait to get one for my tandem rig. Hope that is on the schedule also.
  13. You're not totally wrong but i think you are focusing to much on one aspect of what makes the wing perform. The span wise shape of the wing is not the most important aspect of lift or performance. It's a tradeoff between all parts that affect flight, the amount of drag from lines being one. So the end result cannot easily be deducted from your analysis, if could quite well be that the sum of the positive and negative aspects of z-brace is positive. And I think the manufacturers will make sure that they get a increase in performance or else the design will never reach production.