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  1. Hello all, I am posting to see if anyone wants to meet in Byron, Lodi, or Hollister this Saturday? I'm not brand new to, but mostly lurk. I live in San Jose and can pickup to drive and meet if needed. I am a newbie, and a bigboy, so if you want to test your flying skills, let me know. Matthew
  2. Hi, nice interesting post, thanks. I'm still new, but I pull at 4000 and my hard deck is 2500. I like the "number" for me, to take the thinking out of it. If I think about it too long, i'm too low. I can definitely see myself fighting a Mal too low and my reserve coming out. Those two numbers might drop lower when I get A LOT more jumps, for now, I'm happy. Cypress 2 RSL
  3. mhcook

    San Fransicans

    San Jose here, checking in. We're pretty well represented. Good to know. Matthew
  4. Pardon my newbie ignorance, but what's a Shadow Dive? I'm thinking some sort or recurrency jump with an instructor. Thanks.
  5. Cowboy, Good to see your post, I am an Okie, currently in California. I know that don't help you much now, but....I will be in Oklahoma soon for Vacation and plan on jumping in Skiatook. Matthew
  6. Being a student, like myself, your rig should have an RSL which by the time you pull the handle via your training, your reserve is probably already out. our emergency training says pull the handle anyway RSL or no. Just remember and practice the way you were trained. I was trained to cut away and pull with no delay.
  7. Oh man, I wish I would have known the rules earlier, I owe at least 3 cases now.
  8. Hi, I enjoyed your post, I'm still new, so when I'm ready I will try your RPS game. How about trying the Thumb Wrestling game? They can go either fast or slow and might challenge your stability too. just my 2 cents.
  9. LOL, thanks for the input, I can't sing though. If i did and the USPA got wind of it, they wouldn't grant me my A licensce when the time came. Something about reckless endangerment or environmental damage issues.
  10. Probably not good for the freefall, but the Canopy ride after maybe. I am a newbie so I will wait a long while. But someday during a high pull sunset ride under my canopy....Wagner's "Ride of the Valkeryes"
  11. Welcome to the group and congrats on finishing your AFF. Hope for better weather for you. Matthew
  12. Hmmmm, good point. I'm sure we crossed paths, but didn't get introduced to each other. If I would have met you I would have mentioned I will be there again on the 10th weather permitting. Matthew
  13. Hi all, without getting into specifics, I have a second, part time job that pays for my jumps. still relatively new at the sport but so far it works for me. I work my second job 2 nights per week and every other weekend. when I work on Sunday, I'm scheduled 5-9pm, jump in the morning to afternoon then drive back for work. The hard part is working after my jumps. hard to focus, but the drive back allows for decompress time. Matthew
  14. No, I jumped on Saturday and was asking if anyone else wanted to jump with a newbie when I get out there again, I mentioned I usually jump on Sundays when I don't have my kids. Saturday was still a great jump day.
  15. Bryan, Thanks for checking in. Yes, I would welcome a chance to jump with you soon. My next jump date is planned for dec. 10th. See you soon. Matthew
  16. Hello All, Just a short post to let you know I finally made to Byron for a get acquainted jump. Big fun and treated well by the Crew. Felt right at home from 14,000 on down. Can't wait to get out there again. Looking for a fellow belly fliers too to get some jumps towards my A license. Any takers? I usually jump every Sunday when I don't have my children. See you Soon, Matthew a.k.a. Cookie
  17. My 2 cents says pick a drop Zone in N. California, Lodi, Skydance, etc. you can jump leading up to the holiday, pick a day and take the short plane ride to be with your wife and inlaws for the big day. No need to have a reason then. The brownie points may come in handy too.
  18. Everyone, Thanks for the advice and good tips. I have tried to stall the canopy I was working on and had my toggles to my belt. I'm a big boy at 230# and flying a 260 rig. Next jump I will take a wrap up high and see if I can stall and go from there. Again, thanks to all who read and replied. Blue Skies!
  19. No, I have not been able to stall the canopy, I have been working on my flying in brakes and trying to get near the stall point. Sounds like the lines on this rig are too long for my arms.
  20. Hello all, please review and comment on advice I was given 'cause second opinions are useful. Anyway, I've been having trouble flaring my Student rig at the DZ, same size, but different rig than I used to finish my aff jumps. I asked my Instructor for AFF jumps to video my landing and give advice. He did and I promply bounced on my ass for the camera. After reviewing the film he suggested I wrap some of the steering line around my hands to shorten the steering line and get more travel out of it. He was my instructor so while I trust the advice, let me know what you think, please. Thanks in advance. Matthew
  21. NewGuy, Tell us more about your test dive.
  22. Just admired the view during freefall? Yesterday, I had a jump plan layed out in my mind, but just as I got stable from the plane and finished a turn, I noticed how really good the day was and how cool the view is from up here. Jump plan went to the wind from there and I just did a couple of 1/4 turns to get a different perspective. Yes, stayed altitude aware through it all in case you were wondering and pulled at 4k. Pardon the newbie pink cloud. Anyone else have similar experience? let us know.
  23. Ok, I'm one of those newbies this thread is speaking to and for my self, I would have to agree with napaguy. I've been cleared to jump on my own and have done 3 solos. Great fun and I learned some things on the solos, but now I want more. I sense that I need to jump with someone so I can continue to learn the skills I need to be safe and have even more fun. As a newbie, I do appreciate all of the comments and opinions. Blue Skies to everyone.