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  1. mattb

    Selling gear - a couple of questions

    Note - this is not a classified, I've been online here for several years (if inactive for the past one or two) and understand the rules. I'm looking for thoughts on how to sell gear. The time has come to sell my gear - I haven't jumped in nearly two years. After moving away from Chicago several changes happened on the personal front and I lost the motiviation to jump. I'm looking at buying into an airplane and I no longer need to keep a good rig in my basement. I have a good-quality rig (Wings, Safire 190, PD Reserve, and Cypress) that could be jumped tomorrow except that the Cypres needs a 4-year (it's first) and the reserve needs repacked. Should I invest in getting the Cypres updated or not before selling it? I can see a new owner wanting to be able to jump it ASAP but also could see them wanting to get the work done themselves. What are your thoughts? Also - any thoughts on listing it here vs. ebay are appreciated. Thanks
  2. Interesting - I forwarded this post to who I think the author is (a co-worker with the same name)
  3. mattb

    Rating a DZ

    Vibe = Can somebody new show up and meet people, have fun jumps, and enjoy themselves? Facilities = Plane, landing area, packing area, food, etc. Professionalism = I'm the customer - don't act as if you are doing me a favor by running a dz.
  4. mattb

    GPS Issue

    Great article! For skydivers who may think that it is hard to believe a pilot could fly right over a dropzone without noticing trust me it isn't. As a student pilot I can't tell you the number of times I didn't see an airport until the last minute or flew right over a grass strip without noticing it. Airports (particularly unpaved airports) are not that obvious. If a pilot if flying a flight of a resonable distance - say 200 miles - he could easily fly over dozens of small airports in a state like Minnesota that has a plethora of public and private fields. Having jumped for several years before I started flying I consider myself very aware of the risks and agree the system is far from perfect. Good luck getting this data from the FAA and into the Garmin's that seem to be everywhere in GA now. Matt
  5. mattb

    USPA Member ??? READ THIS !!!

    Sorry, that's the airplane owner's problem. If I decided that I wanted to drive a Mercedes Benz 560SEL, should everyone increase their liability coverage because I want to drive an expensive car? No but most states mandate drivers carry enough in liability coverage to cover an "average car". Take that to mean that your insurance won't have cover a Learjet but a may need to cover a Cessna. Pilots carry insurance - why not skydivers? I'm not a fan of our litigous society but they way it stands you are liable for your actions. If one group of people repeatedly acts, causes damage, and fails to pay problems tend to arise. How many aircrafts would have to be damaged by jumpers, skyballs, etc. before AOPA took a stand against skydivers? Insurance sucks. Lack of insurance can lead to things that suck even more.
  6. mattb

    USPA Member ??? READ THIS !!!

    What happens after one jumper hooks into a private pilot's plane and causes $$$ in damage and the pilot goes after the dropsone? Do dropzones ask jumpers to provide proof of personal liability insurance in order to jump? I know some homeowners policies (e.g. State Farm) include a small umbrella liability policy and you can always purcahse more.
  7. As a Chicago resident who has logged over 50 flight segments in the past 6 months I have one piece of advice - fly O'Hare. I realize ATA and Southwest don't fly there but if you want to avoid incompetence avoid Midway. Yes you can find a stubborn government employee anyplace - but if carrying your rig on-board is important to you your odds are infintely better at ORD. It's worth a few extra $$$. Even our anti-aviation mayor has publicly commented on the irregularities associated with Midway's TSA implementation. Without a parachute I have had enough problems that I simply avoid the airport. Matt
  8. Most policies will as long as you are an amateur. If you get paid to skydive then you need a separate policy since it is occupational gear.
  9. Not all the time. In the later AFP jumps you will see the instructor on the camera step of an otter and the student giving the count. My wife fooled a very experienced AFP jump master by throwing a little shoulder into ready-set-go and then not jumping for a brief second just to make him think "oh shit". I wasn't behind the plan but it isn't the only time I've seen students who are dating up-jumpers and are close to graduation get "advice" on how to mess with the jumpmaster.
  10. mattb

    Safire 189

    One trick that helped when I was learning to land my Safire 189 was to wrap the brakelines around my fingers once so that when I flared I was sure of flaring all the way. Not needed but some people think it helps - especially if you have short arms.
  11. mattb

    Workflow of camera concession

    5 pictures for $25 seems a bit sharp. This isn't wedding photography and I think that one time jumpers would pay the $25 for a roll of film and/or CD with pictures but don't want to pay per picture.
  12. mattb

    Flyaway wind tunnel? in vegas?

    Go to the tunnel and have fun - it's a nice break from casinos. I went when I was about your stage - still in AFP and didn't enjoy it because I expected to benefit from my dozen skydives. The body position is slightly different than skydiving and I spent 3 or 4 of my five "sessions" in the tunnel just working on getting stable. It was fun - but nothing like skydiving. Matt
  13. mattb


    Out of curiousity why not use a Samurai for cross country jumps? Not that I do a lot of those (1 in 200 jumps about) but does it descend that quickly? Any issues getting back from a long spot? oh, i do and have used my sam for crosscountry jumps, but something big and really glidy will get one further.... i'm talking take it out 15 miles crosscountry :) which a sam COULD do if the winds were right.... but my ass uder a sabre 230 is gonna glide farther than my ass under a sam150 me thinks. The 230 may glide further but you might also fall asleep on the ride. If you want a sunday cruise in the family sedan and 3 beers - go with the big canopy for the cross country. If you want to take the sports car out for a long spin . . . . .
  14. mattb


    Out of curiousity why not use a Samurai for cross country jumps? Not that I do a lot of those (1 in 200 jumps about) but does it descend that quickly? Any issues getting back from a long spot?
  15. mattb

    recovering from a breakline fire

    Depends . . . . Most of the time releasing the other break will correct the spin. If you find yourself spinning on your back / extremely fast cutaway, don't waste time going for the other handle.