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  1. Different method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2H7mW4w2mQ
  2. that doesn't work [grabarz did] guys on our dz checked all out, but thanks ciechan
  3. will find it out during weekend as i keep staff on dz thanks a lot! another cx-105 was checked and the same thing happen different is rather impossible as even 115 doesn't fit the box
  4. hi, i hope i don't double subject but the only similar i found is http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3215902;search_string=shaking%20video;#3215902 does anyone got the issue with shaking video at hight speed [270km/h +]? everything is fine on the particular jump before gaining the speed there's the same issue with 2 same helments and cameras data: tonfly cc1 [very tight] side monuted tonfly box [hd jump, box setup in angle] camera sony cx-105 lens "home-made" out of the box, the size is the same as royal lens i've emailed tonfly if someone reported it but got no response thanks for any input
  5. not arch with whole your body [like keep legs/amrs up with theirs muscles - talking about in the air] but only press lower part of spine down till the pain of muscles in that part practise maybe on the chair/bench not floor for wide legs - maybe, similar what Bill wrote, thinking of keeping them together will result in keeping them close but i'm not AFF instructor and don't know what for student works best; better talk any tip from here over with your instructor before you'll decide to use in the air both now and in x00 jumps
  6. yes, we are. If you want to talk about american skydivers who do not put their legstraps, you can do search for and post there.
  7. hi, http://www.pyrlandia-boogie.pl/?jezyk=_en is open during winter in Poland tandem is ~150 euro; video ~60euro but if you look for really nice views Switzerland seems to be the best
  8. ask for good coach who would vidoe your jump and discuss later. i was on one-day track camp and later spend weekend on 11 1on1 coached jumps. the progress was really visible. learning on your own can lead you to repeat mistakes and not to improve your tracking, but that's as everything else.
  9. outski

    WT in Prague?

    website is updated. starting march 2011. prices like in bottrop http://www.skydivearena.cz/#/EN/SPORTFLIGHT-PRICE wondering of ff coaches...
  10. outski

    WT in Prague?

  11. for pilot 150 with 350 jumps and very good condition i've paid ~1000$
  12. x-fast 170 315 x-fan 190 395 http://www.spadochrony.podlasie.pl/bac.pdf
  13. 180 jumps 0 cutaway 1 reserve ride (landed with 'side-by-side ')
  14. ye i heard something similar from a friend from us
  15. if i only knew before i paid...