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  1. Dear Murps2000,

    Stay close to those old folks because they might be able to teach you a thing or two ... cat food stew anyone????

  2. Bugeye Bobsters look good. A dozen other companies offer prescription goggles for motorcycling, bicycling and other high-speed sports. I have worn Wiley-X prescription goggles for the last decade. Most prescription sports goggles already come with an elastic strap that routes around the back of your head.

    Perhaps you should get a pair of bicycling-specific prescription goggles and wear them for a few weeks of cycling before wearing them on a jump. Just remember that skydiving exposes goggles to far more wind than the fastest bicycle.

    Your dilemma reminds me of a pilot emergency parachute customer who owned two airplanes and four pairs of glasses. One airplane had a nose-wheel (CJ-6) so landed almost flat while his other airplane was a tail-dragger (Globe Swift) which landed nose-high. He had prescription reading glasses and prescription driving glasses. He had two more pairs with dark lenses and said that the most frustrating part was when he was flaring for landing - at dusk - and suddenly remembered that he was wearing the wrong par of glasses! Hah! Hah!

    Fianlly, when flaring for landing, keep your eyes on the far end of the runway/landing field.

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  3. Did you buy the harness new ... custom-built for your body?

    Most fit problems arise with second owners who are a different size. Also remember that total height is not an accurate measurement of spine length or harness (MLW) length.

    First ask a rigger to see how well the harness fits you.

  4. Yes dear SkyDekker,

    The B.C. Provincial "Liberal" Party is out of phase with all the other liberal parties in Canada. B.C.Libs are more of a conservative party representing big business interests.


    OTOH LIberal parties in the rest of Canada tend to be slightly left of centre, but not as far left as New Democrats.

    Keep in mind that major political parties have plenty of overlap in their policies. Conservative incumbents often enact the most popular, left-leaning NDP policies to steal votes.

  5. That blase' atitude is rare among skydiving students. The vast majority listen carefully in class and try to perform well during their first jump.

    Have trained hundreds of static-line and IAD first jump students. I have also done hundreds of Progressive Freefall (harness hold) jumps with first time freefallers.

    I can only count on one hand my number of freefall jumps with first timers (AFF).

    Oh! ... and I have done more than 4,000 tandem jumps with first-timers.

    I definitely prefer starting students in a wind tunnel, a few IAD jumps (until they land decently) then take them up for their first freefall. No single method is perfect ... just "best" at one stage in the learning process.

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  6. I agree with you.

    Too many DZs are desperate for outside videographers so that as soon as a sport jumper has 300 jumps, he starts videoing tandems.

    After one arrogant flew directly over my drogue, he never jumped with me again. The video only showed fingers and toes extending beyond the drogue.

    I would much rather strap a camera to my hand - and double the TI's work-load - than be chased by a junior jumper.

    Originally, tandem manufacturers restricted videographers to TIs or AFFIs. This was just a polite way of saying "If you have to ask, you do not understand the risks."

  7. Premier Bill Horgan (New Democratic Party) just called a snap provincial election for late October 2020. This election is a year ahead of the end NDP's 4-year mandate. Perhaps Horgan is hoping to get re-elected on the basis of handling the COVID 19 epidemic better than most provinces.

    Did I ever tell you how much I hate the Canadian tradition of the incumbent party calling an election any time they damned well please?

    Good new is that this election is in October. Many Canadians are hoping for predictable elections in October.

    The best part about an October election is that we have an excuse not to listen to media blabber about the American Presidential election in November. Why should we get excited about an election we have no vote in?


    P.S. New Democrats are slightly farther left than Liberals.

  8. Last thing I heard was that Judy and Bob Celaya moved up to Tehachapi, California, a few miles up the hill from Mojave and California City.

  9. yes dear F104 Starfighter,

    I am a semi-retired parachute rigger. I hold American, FAA Master rigger ratings for back, seat and chest. I have also packed a couple of lap type parachutes.

    I Held Canadian Rigger A, Rigger B, Rigger Instructor and Rigger Examiner ratings. Since I live in Canada, I can only offer you advice over the intenet.

    All the other comments are legitimate.

    I suggest that you telephone Action Air at Yolo County Airport, near Sacramento and schedule a visit. Or contact Pete Swan, a Master Rigger who works near Lodi.


    P.S. Back when I was young and beautiful - circa 1985 - I helped ship some of the last Canadian-built CF-104 Starfighters to the Turkish Air Force.

  10. I had knee surgery 6 years ago. My knee started dis-locating 5 years afteer an airplane crash. Doctors diagnosed me with three torn ligaments in my left knee. Since they could not repair my posterior cruxiate ligament, they re-aligned the top of my tibia.

    In the months leading up to surgery, I did plenty of half-hour hikes to build up my leg muscles and stamina. Unfortunately, I could not afford physio-therapy, so my healing process was considerably delayed.

    Since knee surgery, I did another 300 tandem jumps, then retired from skydiving.

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  11. The easiest way to keep suspension lines neat is applying a bit of tension.Gravity is your friend. PRO -packing helps as long as all the lines are evenly tensioned between your shoulder/hook and the harness.


    A wise man can learn from even the village idiot.

  12. Bill Booth likes to remind us that packing a ram-air canopy is basically about straightening out the strings. Once strings are straight, it will want to open.

    Failing to clear stabilizers - outside of lines - was your buddy's first mistake.

    Yes, twisted steering lines are more likely to create tension knots.

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  13. Traditional parachutes have their pilot-chutes and deployment bags semi-permanently attached to the canopy via a knot or connector link.

    Split sliders are fashionable with 3 centimetre precision landing competitors because they allow risers to spread wider, improving lateral stability. Nowadays, many PA competitors just pull sliders down to neck level.

    Collapsible sliders were the next invention, primarily to reduce vibrations as wing-loadings exceeded 1 pound per square foot during the 1990s. That vibration also prematurely wore out the bottom of suspension lines.

    Removeable sliders were briefly fashionable before pond swooping became a hard-core, niche competition event.

    Then they added extra-long bridles that connect sliders to d-bags. With full-blown RDS, the d-bag and pilot-chute are not linked to the canopy. Once open, they just trail behind.

  14. "Drive it til it drops" used to be a viable strategy, but that has changed in recent years.

    Last weekend, I had dinner with a old friend who used to own a Pontiac Vibe (Toyota Matrix with a different label) a couple of years older than mine. Mine is now 14 years old and running smoothly with only 160,000 kilometres. I have only replaced consumables like tires, spark plugs, oil, wiper blades and a battery. Trade-in value is almost zero, so I will probably drive it until it needs a major repair. ... kind of like my previous van.

    My friend said that he retired his Vibe when the cost of spare parts got ridiculous! For example, his wife refused to drive it after dark because the headlight lenses were foggy and emitting little light. New lenses start at $300.! Yikes!

  15. 21 hours ago, JerryBaumchen said:

    Hi Brent,

    As long as we are 'throwing the blame' around, let us not forget the Nixon era.

    Jerry Baumchen

    PS)  IMO it is not the legislation that creates programs for people, it the lack of funding as time goes by.  That is the real tragedy of the legislature; from both parties.


    How many of us are tired of politicians making grandiose promises during elections, but having them crushed by the Treasury Board a year or two later?

  16. Yes, electronic Automatic Activation Devices (e.g. Cypres) were introduced circa 1991 and we saw a dramatic increase in two-out malfunctions (biplane or side-by-side).

    A few skydivers died after they made too-vigorous control inputs which converted slow two-outs into fast down-planes.

    I have only experienced one two-out malfunction and that was because i - stupidly - spiraled below 1,000 feet, fast enough to scare an FXC 12000 AAD. The reserve inflated behind me and formated in a docile biplane. I tried steering the leading/main canopy, but it kept trying to separate into a side-by-side, so I reduced control inputs to the bare minimum. It took me 500 to make my last turn into the wind and I slid out my landing on wet grass (normal landing field). My two-out descended much slower than a Solo 270 student canopy, so there was little risk of injury when sliding the landing.

    Lessons-learned: A - only minor control inputs below 1,000 feet.

    B- Bare minimum of control inputs when you have two canopies out. As long as you are headed for an open field, that is good enough. Up-wind,down-wing or cross-wind is less important than keeping both canopies overhead.

    A few sk

  17. Lawyers follow the money and cast their nets wide in search of "deep pockets." The only "deep pockets" in the skydiving industry are parachute manufacturers.

    In my case, lawyers representing WorkSafeBC named something like a dozen defendents including: the pilot, airplane owner, one overhaul facility, a separate mechanic, the engine manufacturer, the pump manufacturer, Transport Canada, etc.

    They really wanted to sue the American Federal Aviation Administration, but US law prohibits that kind of lawsuit.

    As lawyers learned how little money most defendants had, they were dropped form the lawsuit. It took Transport Canada 9 years to convince a judge that they were innocent! Nine miserable years!

    A dozen years after the crash, there are still a few loose ends.

    What a miserable process!

  18. Over the last decade, it has been scary watching the polarization of mass media. Even scarier is that there are enough: cable TV, youtube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. channels that people can chose to only watch those channels that agree with their pre-conceived notions.

    Almost 30 years ago, I drove half-way across the USA with Manley Butler, who turned out to be a hard-core Rush Limbaugh fan. He had the Limbaugh Letter, Limbaugh cassette tapes and lists of every time Limbaugh broadcast on any American radio station. By the end of that trip, I had listened to my lifetime quota of Limbaugh!

    Now my dilemna is remaining courteous to my Conservative co-workers while also biting my tongue around some of the hard-core Liberal ... who are we kidding ... New Democratic Party ... tree-huggers at my church. 

    Bottom line, I need to read a half-dozen sources before reaching my own conclusions.