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    Old rigs

    My business partner grumbles about all the bags full of old round, Rogallo and square parachutes laying around the loft. I label them as "rigger training aids." Nothing quite like a faded, frayed, filthy, rusty old rig to reinforce the notion that 20 years is a reasonable service life.
  2. riggerrob

    Tandem Skydiving at the Grand Canyon

    With a field elevation of 6,609 feet above sea level ... we wonder what size main canopies they are using????? How close do they land to the rim of the canyon? Can you imagine the ground rush falling into the canyon? How deep is the canyon near that DZ?
  3. riggerrob

    Source for trimable risers wanted

    Trim able risers were (briefly) fashionable during the 1980s. Trim-tabs can be sewn onto production risers. Ask your local Master Rigger.
  4. riggerrob

    Cessna Skymaster Jump?

    Cessna approved 337 s for flight without the door. Not much chance of hitting the rear propeller because you fall away at a 45 degree angle. However, for caution's sake, many would want to stop the rear engine before jump run. Few civilians have jumped from 337s, And the soldiers who jumped 337s are the quiet, sneaky-leaky, special forces types who do not brag about their exploits. A few pilots who flew Cessna 0-2s (military version of 337) mentioned dropping special forces types, on "the wrong side of the border" but they did not go into detail. As for the details: follow the 337 manual for removing the right-hand door and co-pilot's seat. Remove anything laying loose in the cabin, coffee cups, tools, charts, logbooks, etc. Do a couple of dirt dives with the pilot. Probably best to retract the gear before jump-run, making for one less thing to whack. If it makes you feel safer, ask him to stop the rear engine before jump-run. Finally, hang a half-dozen GoPro cameras off the airframe and share the footage with your buddies on dz.com!
  5. riggerrob

    Turning prescription glasses into goggles

    Short-term attach a strap that wraps around the back of your head. Wind will make you cry a lot, but you will be able to focus on your target. Second step is to ask your optometrist about prescription goggles for sports. You may be able to convince him to install prescription lenses in motorcycle or military goggles.
  6. riggerrob

    Reuse old spectra lines for tube attachment

    I use scissors to cut suspension lines just below the attachment tapes. First time anyone has suggested "netting" the bottom of a Freddy tube. ????? Not sure if you really need a net, since they so rarely invert.
  7. May I suggest that you do 100 jumps - on your current canopy - before visiting France? If you are smart, you will get some canopy coaching and devote your next 100 jumps to learn all the corners of the performance envelope of your current canopy. As for French standards being overly-restrictive .... they are just trying to keep you alive. As for me, I am considering up-sizing my Stiletto 135 to a docile 170, because I have not done enough jumps on my Stiletto to stay current.
  8. riggerrob

    pull out pilotchute question

    Not very long. Shorter than your arm.
  9. riggerrob

    Using Strong DH tandem rig over 18 years old?

    What is the "FFA?"
  10. riggerrob

    M-28 Skytruck

    There are some 2 or 3 year old videos of Skytruck exits posted by Polish civilian skydivers. Skytruck tail ramplooks like a narrower version of a Shorts Skyvan (my all time favourite jump-plane.) American sneaky-pesky Special Forces soldiers fly a few Skytrucks, but they don't like to publish video.
  11. riggerrob

    resource for DMO jumps

    Pat Moorehead published a book about demo jumping a few years back.
  12. riggerrob

    the golden Riggers ticket

    Did you ask CSPA about Rigger A courses this winter?
  13. Now that you have tickled our curiosity .... what maintenance schedule did you find in the Sigma manual? For the last couple of years I have done most of the maintenance for a Sigma DZ. We repacked the reserves every 180 days and did the occasional resew as needed. Oddly, the DZO was not willing to pay for 180 day inspections on Sigma student harnesses, but several student harnesses suffered popped stitches in strap ends, so I eventually inspected most of their student harnesses over the course of the jumping season. The former chief instructor may not have been a rigger, but he did work with another rigger on re-lining mains, replacing drogue kill-lines, replacing frayed risers (more than 600 jumps) etc. he knows more about maintains Icarus mains (in Sigmas) than I do! Hee! Hee! At the end of 2015, I offered to inspect all of their Sigmas over the winter, but was purely declined. It will be amusing to watch how many silly little things break over the summer. Break out the pop-corn!
  14. riggerrob

    "Parachutist" Whatzit?

    The "white thing" looks like an after-market belly-band. It is made of tubular nylon webbing. The photo is too grainy to count the black ID threads.... Judging by the thickness, it will hold a ton or more. Belly-bands help hold the main container close to your waist when you sit-fly. Belly-bands are an inexpensive fix when the second owner is smaller or thinner than the first owner. When second-hand harnesses are really loose/sloppy-fitting, they also help prevent the wearer from falling out of the harness butt-first. Belly-bands are also handy for stabilizing large containers (think student or tandem) on skinny skydivers.
  15. riggerrob

    Is the Xaos safe?

    How can you use the words "safe" and "sub 100 square foot canopy" in the same sentence?????? Like all high performance, pond-swooping canopies, Xaos have only tiny margins for error. The smaller the canopy, the smaller the margin for error. The smaller the logbook, the smaller the margin for error. The smaller the cliff ... Oh! ... never mind 'cus that's another sport. The thinner the suspension lines, the thinner the margin for error. .... er .... the thinner the line, the shorter the line service life. If you have any doubts about line wear, march your canopy past your local rigger before your next jump. Given all those variables, Xaos still seem more popular with "working skydivers" (freefall instructors and vidiots) because they seem more tolerant at opening time.
  16. riggerrob

    How much is a 2nd hand rig worth?

    First, ask your local rigger to inspect the complete rig ... even better if he inspects the harness while you are wearing it, so he/she can see how well it fits you. Harness resizes start at $100 depending upon how much it needs to be re-sized.
  17. Watch videos of skydiving. Read skydiving magazines. Good off on dropzone.com
  18. Wrap your rig in an official, carry-on sized bag that will fit gracefully in over-head luggage bins. Minimize extra gear to avoid over-loading. Include a Cypres card and the FAA letter about AADs.
  19. riggerrob

    Black Hardware

    Ask DJ Associates. It looks like regular carbon steel with a durable matte black coating. The black coating is more durable than the cadmium-plating on MIL SPEC hardware.
  20. riggerrob

    Line set for Cayenne Light 150

    Ask Pete Swan (Lodi) or Mark Lancaster of Aidan Wolters.
  21. riggerrob

    Aerodyne risers on Mirage

    Fortunately, (3-Ring Inc) published common standards for 3-Ring riser manufacture a long time ago. Since 1998 most of the manufacturers have been sewing risers to the same standard, so they are cross-compatible with most harnesses. The longer white loop just improves the mechanical advantage of the Aerodyne risers .... a good thing because it reduces pull-forces on the handle. Is the RSL ring on the correct side to make it compatible with your Mirage? Speaking of compatibility, do the Aerodyne risers have round rings .... or oval "Mini-Force" rings? Mini-Force risers require slightly longer release (3-Ring) housings that might not be compatible with your harness. Fortunately, most other harnesses have enough slack (excess length) release housings to accommodate Mini-Force risers. When in doubt, ask your local rigger to inspect before you jump it.
  22. riggerrob

    Does this look OK?

    I see 2 problems: First: some one stole your slider. Hah! Hah! Secondly: your bridle is miss-routed UNDER your canopy. I doubt if opened with the bridle so badly miss-routed. Chances are the bridle miss-routed itself when they canopy surged after initial inflation.
  23. riggerrob

    Thoughts on reconnecting side connectors?

    Rumour has it that un-connected side-connectors contributed to John Parrot's broken neck. The way I heard it, John was trying to slide a tandem landing when he fell flat on his face. Meanwhile the student continued sliding on his butt. The resultant extreme angle (spines 180 degrees opposed at the shoulder hooks) broke John's neck. John was confined to a wheelchair after the botched landing. That was the version that I heard. The last time we discussed this, some one (Canadian) on dz.com claimed to have witnessed a different version but declined to share details. We challenge him to share his version of the story now.
  24. riggerrob

    Vector semi stowless in a G4 M1

    Confirm that the new d-bag is compatible with your Mirage container. Lay the empty d-bag inside the container to confirm that is about the same width, length and thickness. If you cannot find an exact match, install the next larger size of d-bag.
  25. Start with the Minneapolis phone book. Phone all the jump schools and ask them to recommend a local rigger.