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  1. ———————————————————————————— Thanks Wendy, ..... for correcting that. All my life I have been punished for sins that never even crossed my mind. Riggerrob
  2. Good point! “Onward Christian Soldiers .....” the dominant hymn sung by Canadian Army padres. During WW2, Nazi soldiers wore belt buckles inscribed with the motto “Got mit uns.” Only one side can be correct.
  3. Hatred is indeed so much easier than love. ———————————————————————- Fear works 100 times faster than love. Preachers, politicians and fascists understand how to convert that fear into hatred of ‘others.’ Then they convert that fear/hatred into convincing ordinary citizens into sacrificing individual freedoms in exchange for promises of more protection by more police. This cycle has recurred hundreds or thousands of times throughout human history.
  4. It is also worth noting that some of the early Strong tandem canopies (the 520) were 11 cell, I believe. ————————————————————————- Yes. I made a bunch of jumps on Strong 520 mains. They had 11 cells and were all made of F-111 fabric. The sad part is that their sliders looked the same size as 425s. Only the very best packers could make them open softly and reliably. I have suffered tension knots and torn a few Strong 520 canopies. One had a hole big enough to drive a bus through beside a hole only big enough to drive a van through! These holes were through both the bottom skin and top skin!
  5. ——————————————————————- “Our President is an ass. He is unfit to be President. ......................................................................... I have nothing but seething contempt for those who believe this is Presidential.” —————————————————————————————— Amazing! Joe Webber and I agree on two points. Whenever accusations of false flags fly, they tell us nothing about the accussed, but heaps about the accuser.
  6. We are discussing this accident on the INCIDENTS threads. One poster related a similar scenario that happened many years ago. As the plane enters a spiral dive, G forces pinned the jumper to the top of the wing .......
  7. If you send that back to the factory, That can be patched by a local Master Rigger. I have sewn similar repairs without replacing the entire stabilizer, but it took me about an hour. Next time you pack, clear your stabilizers. The sewing skills are more than the average Senior Rigger can handle.
  8. Pay a local packer to pack it and tell you if it is a good fit. This is a recurring problem with second-hand year. The correct sequence is choosing the reserve that you want to land after a skydive gone bad. Secondly, choose a main parachute comfortably sized to match your skills, weight, etc. Only then can you start to choose a container that will gracefully accept those canopies.
  9. Sure, but at the cost of opening reliability which is not something you want to trade off in a reserve. I could be wrong, but it's been my understanding that opening reliability is linked to aspect ratio. The lower the aspect ratio, the more likely the canopy will open correctly, fly straight in line twists, ect (all other metrics like WL and size considered equal). ————————————————————————- True! Aspect ratio does affect opening reliability, but it is less of a problem on untapered canopies. The vast majority of civilian reserves are rectangular making them turn slower ...... During my 30 or so reserve rides, my worst nuisance was line twists. The only time I opened a 5-cell reserve, it was so unstable in roll that I barely turned it enough to face into the wind. I only flared 3/4 and slid out the landing on the snow.
  10. Tandem reserves have 9 cells because they are so big, but fabric only comes in bolts 72” wide. Also the higher aspect ratio (span / chord) improves glide and flare. I am so old that I jumped jumped Pioneer Hi-Lifter 370, Parachutes de France Galaxy, PD 360, Strong 425, etc. when they were fashionable as mains. All those canopies were also available as tandem reserves.
  11. I have installed PD “pilgrim hats” on wide(1 23/32”) Type 8 risers. It took a bit of wiggling, but they worked fine.
  12. Not for tandems - Australia is 12 months for Certificate Class B holders and above only. Students, Novices (Certificate Class A), Tandems and pilot rigs are 6 month repack cycles. That's weird. Why? Do reserves on rigs jumped by novices and tandems open with more error than those jumped by experienced jumpers? The reserve pack interval should have nothing to do with who's jumping it. That's entirely an equipment factor and not a factor of skill or currency. ——————————————————————————- Student and tandem gear suffer far more wear and tear than privately-owned parachutes. Students pack sloppily, snag gear inside the airplane, bang it on the doorframe, deploy at “novel attitudes,” drag parachutes through the weeds, leave it laying in the sun, etc. Tandems get jumped every day. Strong insists on an inspection after every 25 jumps. It includes a detailed inspection of the drogue, bridle, D-bag, main canopy ....... and an external inspection of the harness/container.
  13. TC, CSPA and at least and a couple of DZOs all think I am an A##hole, so there is no harm. OTOH some jumpers get upset when you “rat them out the o the government.” I will start by sending private e-mails to Chuck Akers and the Northwest Regional Director.
  14. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. For example, there is a Canadian DZ that quit CSPA and now operates as a USPA DZ. They do not use seatbelts. Belts are difficult to find in their Kodiak and only a few seats in their other plane have access to belts. So that DZ ignores USPA, FAA, CSPA and Transport Canada’s policies on seat belts. I am old enough to remember why seat belt regulations are written in blood. I worked at Hinkley, Illinois in September of 1992. I attended waaaaaaay too many funerals that month.
  15. ******As a person with operational control, I pledge to: • Comply with the USPA Basic Safety Requirements (BSRs), which include compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations ....
  16. —————————————————————————————— Makes sense to me considering that tandems are on - almost - every load, so they experience far more more and year than sport rigs. Strong insists on an external inspection every 25 jumps. The 25 jump inspection includes stretching out the main, inspecting main lines, etc. I have done hundreds of external inspections and found many small tears, popped stitches, etc. when they were still small enough for quick re-sew. Most of the wear was on the main container and D-bag. When I eventually got to the (180 day) inspection and repackaged, I never found a damaged reserve canopy and harness wear was minimal.
  17. The neatest flag container - that I ever owned - was made by a Master Rigger in New Brunswick. He sized it for a flag 1 or 2 metres long with a packing weight hanging from the bottom of the flag. It was made of Cordura nylon and the lid closed with 2” Velcro. It had a strap on the back that wrapped around a leg strap or chest strap. I preferred leg strap mounting.
  18. Also talk to major dealers like Square One, Chuting Star and Para-gear because they often sell used gear .... sometimes on commission. Some of them post used gear on their websites - with pictures. Back when I rigged for Square One, I must have inspected a hundred bits of used gear. I am always honest when inspecting used g at and tougher than some other riggers. For example example, I will tell all involved - including the DZO - if someone tries to a Velocity 66 to a junior jumper. Southern California Rigger are fanatics about gear being fully functional before it leaves the loft.
  19. To understand why USPA requires a Class 3 aircrew medical, we have to look back 35 years to when Strong Enterprises and the Relative Workshop introduced tandem to the general public. They asked the FAA for a waiver to hang two people under one canopy. They based their waiver application on the - recently issued - FAA approval for ultralight pilots carrying passengers/students. The tandem manufacturers wrote tighter TI requirements than the FAA would have imposed. Manufacturers have always required TI to train with factory-approved Tandem Examiners. UPT wanted to get out of the expensive process of re-certifying TIs every year, so they asked USPA to take over ..... as is done in many other countries. In many European countries, TIs are certified by the national parachute association. Since Strong was not willing to hand over responsibility, we ended up with the current compromise. USPA continued the requirement for Class 3 medical because it has worked well for many years ..... low fatality rate. SECOND POINT the OP needs to grow a sense of humour and learn to recognize sarcasm on the internet (e.g. gun-free zone).
  20. Ron (OP) started on the wrong foot. The usual authorities: FAA, USPA and the rig manufacturer are doing their jobs: collecting facts, examine gear, interviewing witnesses, etc. Since suicides are difficult to explain, a USPA Board Member broadened the witness pool by asking for comments from friends and family. Police routinely de-brief friends and family.
  21. Probably not too common, but baskets like these would make it a little easier. ——————————————————————————- That huge balloon basket would be easy for a tandem exit. It reminds of the three-baskets that the British, Belgian, etc. Armies used for decades - to train first static-line paratroopers. OTOH most of the comments have focussed on the popular three-sided, wicker baskets seen on hot-air balloons. Their belly-high sides make tandem edits awkward.
  22. Random knots are caused by sloppy packing. The key is packing bridle INSIDE the bundle of mesh and fabric. The goal is to get the most of the bridle out to arm’s length before it has a chance to entangle with container flaps.
  23. The most valuable part of military service is all the accidental learning that occurrs as young soldiers move outside their home towns. During my 13 years military service, I worked in half of Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and the Northwest Territories) and several other countries, most notably West Germany. My ship visited ports in another dozen countries (Belgium, Bermuda, England, France, Holland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain and the USA.). On weekends, I toured neighboring countries like Austria, Lichtenstein (sp?), Sweden, Switzerland, etc. After 13 years on the road, I went to university to earn “a piece of paper that says I am smart,”’but I still learned far more during my military travels than I ever learned at the University of Ottawa. Gap-years are valuable learning experiences, even if they do not include military service.
  24. This reminds me of a conversation with a (retired) Canadian tanker. We both served during the Cold War. I developed a massive drinking problem that lasted longer than my 13 years service. I eventually sobered up. He still drinks heavily (evenings only). When I asked him whether the Canadian Army deliberately hires drunks, he replied “No. They drive you to drink.”
  25. ————————————————————————————- I donned my dress uniform for hundreds of ceremonies in summer, winter, rain, etc. but no one ever explained what was accomplished by standing around for a few hours. I am still waiting for an explanation. ??????????????????????????????????