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  1. macksolo

    Turbo ZX

    I purchased a used Turbo ZX 165 after my 60th jump in 2006. I was regularly jumping a rented Sabre 1 170 at a 1.17 wing loading prior to this canopy. The first thing I noticed was that it was much faster in forward speed and my finals seemed like a downwind compared to a jump on the Sabre 1 170. I now have 28 jumps on this canopy with a wing loading of 1.21:1 in different wind conditions and this is what I've learned so far: - good flare but starting the flare earlier with a final stab at the end seems to make for the best landings. The other canopies seemed to like a more continuous flare. Using that technique with this canopy usually ends with me running the landing out. - at my wing loading, 1.21:1, the front riser pressure is very hard; however, my canopy has after-market handles sewn into the front risers which I am able to use to make the canopy dive. I'm not sure how common this modification is made to this canopy (or if it is even recommended) - the partial zp & f-111 mix makes it pretty easy to pack. - the toggle response is very good - Being a beginner, I was initially a little intimidated by this canopy but I am now happy with it and I think I learned a bit more about canopy control as a result. - I'm not very accurate with this canopy yet; this is probably a function of the higher ground speed on landings which I am working on improving that now. - I've never had a hard opening with it and it usually opens on heading. I or the packers pro-pack it and roll the nose a bit but I don't think they employ any other tricks.