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  1. I don't use tables for non-decompression/recreational diving anymore since I wear two computers. However, for every single tech-dive I do, I cut three custom made (via software) tables and write them on white duct tape and attach them to the wrist seal of my dry suit. They are only used as a backup in the event that my dive computers fail.
  2. From my logbook: Jumps 001-020: Manta 288 w/l .69:1 Jumps 021-023: Mavoronne (sp?) 260 w/ .77:1 Jumps 024-030: PD Navigator 220 w/l .90:1 Jumps 031-050: PD Sabre 1 190 w/l 1.05:1 Jumps 051-060: PD Sabre 1 170 w/l 1.17:1 Jumps 060-107: Paraflite TZ 165 w/l 1.21:1 I loved jumping the Navigator and always had good landings. I didn't notice much difference between the 190 & 170. I actually alternated between these two canopies a little depending on which one was packed when I needed it. I found the 170 to be a little more responsive and just as easy to land. Your mileage may vary. My TZ 165 seemed to be a lot faster compared to the Sabre 170. Despite the slightly less sq. footage, the forward speed, at least my perception of it, was much faster than I expected. Now that I've been desensitized to this canopy, I actually like the faster speed on landing. I got my rig based on the advice of my instructors; I'd recommend consulting with them before picking one due to the different performance characteristics at different wing loadings of each model.
  3. Zoos are way more organized that that jump ... hehe. I've had about 20 other RW jumps before then and I was lulled into believing I had some form of control in freefall. On Sunday however I was screwing things up with great skill. I got yelled at 4 times by the gurus (wrong grip, grab the beach ball, let go earlier on exit, etc) and so I went back to 2 & 3 ways the rest of the day which were all awesome. Hopefully I will do better on my next set of 7-9 ways. I was still happy to get 9 jumps in ... and I learned a few things in the process ... which is a Good Thing. Dan
  4. I feel your pain ;-) I had a similar experience. I was base on a 3-way hybrid a couple of weeks ago and it felt like re-entry from orbit :-) My goggles were a shaking and later that night, my shoulders and back were feeling sore. We were moving so fast that the camera guy couldn't catch up (partially due to a less than perfect count on exit as well) Despite the pain, I can't wait to do it again, it was fracking awesome! P.S. Did you just get your 100th jump at STC this weekend? I think I was on that jump with you :-) Take care, Dan
  5. I purchased a used Turbo ZX 165 after my 60th jump in 2006. I was regularly jumping a rented Sabre 1 170 at a 1.17 wing loading prior to this canopy. The first thing I noticed was that it was much faster in forward speed and my finals seemed like a downwind compared to a jump on the Sabre 1 170. I now have 28 jumps on this canopy with a wing loading of 1.21:1 in different wind conditions and this is what I've learned so far: - good flare but starting the flare earlier with a final stab at the end seems to make for the best landings. The other canopies seemed to like a more continuous flare. Using that technique with this canopy usually ends with me running the landing out. - at my wing loading, 1.21:1, the front riser pressure is very hard; however, my canopy has after-market handles sewn into the front risers which I am able to use to make the canopy dive. I'm not sure how common this modification is made to this canopy (or if it is even recommended) - the partial zp & f-111 mix makes it pretty easy to pack. - the toggle response is very good - Being a beginner, I was initially a little intimidated by this canopy but I am now happy with it and I think I learned a bit more about canopy control as a result. - I'm not very accurate with this canopy yet; this is probably a function of the higher ground speed on landings which I am working on improving that now. - I've never had a hard opening with it and it usually opens on heading. I or the packers pro-pack it and roll the nose a bit but I don't think they employ any other tricks.
  6. Hi, I just started skydiving late last season and after 60 rental jumps, I bought an older rig that the DZ had for sale. It is a Paraflite Turbo ZX 165 in an early Vector 3 container. I think the date of manufacture on the main is 1995. The reserve is a PD-143 and it has a cypress 1 in it. I now have 15 jumps on this rig and I since I don't have a manual or fellow divers jumping one at our DZ, I have a couple questions for the forum: 1) I'm wing loading this at approximately 1.2. Landings without wind now feel like downwinds to me. I've plfed a 3 times out of 15 jumps due to this already. I think I am getting the hang of it but perhaps I'm loading this a bit much still being in nube status? On my previous 60 jumps, only 4 landings were not stand-up. I've jumped a 170 a bunch of times (sabre-1) and it seemed to have a slower forward speed. 2) Pulling down the front risers is almost impossible. Is this by design? An experienced jumper who previously owned a canopy like this at our DZ says this is normal with this parachute and there is no point in even trying. What do I tell Scott Miller or Brian G. when they want me to do front riser dives in their class ? :-) Should I rent a "normal" canopy for their class? 3) What's the 'glide angle' of this canopy? 4) Are there any other things I should know about this canopy that I might have learned with the owner's manual? Any maneuvers which should be avoided, packing suggestions, etc. ? Despite some other postings about the paraflite turbo line of parachutes on this forum, all of my openings have been soft and on-heading. Thanks in advance for any help. I will of course discuss anything I learn here with our rigger and/or instructors before taking any of it as gospel :-) Take care and blue skies,