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  1. Search through the forums, there is an older discussion on that somewhere (like really old - using cables and TV with its centre marked by a piece of tape. It's still the same, only nowadays you can replace TV with a phone or tablet to get idea of where your camera and ringsight are aiming at).
  2. They do climb great :) I jump in a very small club in Czech Rep. Years ago we used to share one Turbine 206 with a neighbouring DZ. It had the same shark's grin :) and was able to climb to 23k feet for high altitude jumps. But the maintenance costs were simply too high, even with tandem loads alternating with club jumpers. Not a solution for small clubs with weekend only operations.
  3. Definitely a step up form the button set up and button batteries powered devices. How about a training mode of some sort? It could work to improve jump duration awareness when tunnel coaching for AFF, or even outside the tunnel or freefall.
  4. Cool stuff, combine it with VR footage and you have a BASE jump training/fun facility :)
  5. This guy is indefatigable, thanks to Sangiro for disabling his account. Yesterday I got this by email: From: BANKOLE TUNDE Subj: GET BACK TO ME - Response to your Ad Date: 29.5. 2007, 12:48 Thanks for the response. I would like to inform you that i have a client that would be sending a BANK CHECK for the payment of the item as presented on the website that the item is very much in good condition so i would belief i can trust you and more so before any payment can done i would want you to send me your full name and address as requested below so as to send to you the payment and as soon as it cleared in your bank then we can talk about the shipping and the exchange of document. PAYMENT INFORMATION: (1). Full Name....? (2). Full Address....? (3). Mobile & Home Phone#.....? (4). Country.....................................? (5). Last Price...........? However, when i have this information i would send them to my client and he would send you a BANK CHECK for the payment of the including my commision as the buying agent and the shipping fund as well. Also i would want you to understand that the BANK CHECK would get to your address in at least 3-4 working days. Hope to hear from you soon MR. BANKOLE TUNDE (+44)07023050268
  6. I've spent a weekend over there during my stay in Scotland last spring and it was great. The place staff is friendly and professional. Great facilities, bar and loads of videos to entertain while being on weather hold or in the evening. The only cons were the bunk houses (not very clean) and a lack of an extra jumpship. One cessna was too few for such a busy weekend. Otherwise, a perfect place to go jumping. I'll always remember how friendly I was welcomed despite being a foreigner. Also thanks for the minibike riding on saturday night, great fun speeding on the dark runway.