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    http://www.omniskore.com/comp/2012/usnats/res_4-WayOpen.html Most of 4 way open has been posted. I am not sure about the other events. It seems to take awhile to get them uploaded for internet access. Just click the score of the round you want to see and an mp4 movie should load, if that round is available.
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    http://themonkeyfist.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=66 Not a hackey but these are well made monkey fist handles at a great price. I just installed one on my wife's rig. If you aren't in a hurry I can let you know the next time we are in Eloy (which may be next week).
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    CF demo China 2012 video

    Bruno, The editing on this video is some of the best work I have seen in awhile. Very nice work.
  4. Zymurdoo

    Videographers & Skyhooks

    I don't own a Skyhook so that is the main reason. I did however have my RSL removed and disconnect my RSL if I jump a borrowed rig when using a camera helmet. I jump several Talon rigs, several canopies with WL between 1.1 and 1.5, and a top mount dual camera on a BH Mantle with over 1200 jumps and 500 camera jumps.
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    Oregon Scientifc camera

    I am not sure which model you are looking at. I had one of the early models and can tell you the sound was horrible and the wobble on the video was plain stomach churning. And that was using it on the ground, not skydiving.
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    Contour ROAM for $90 from Amazon.com

    SCORE! I just bought 2. It looks like the Mastercard deal is expired though.
  7. Zymurdoo

    License to be a Tandem videographer

    Recommendation for video is C license or 200 jumps. Recommendation for shooting tandem video is 500 jumps with 1-200 dedicated video jumps (not video attached to helmet jumps)
  8. Zymurdoo

    Is anyone wearing these sunglasses?

    Fugitive Aluminum Sunglass for Motorcycle and Tuff Guys. Who writes this shit?
  9. I'll start off by saying I have never ground launched (intentionally). In recent years the Mingus hang glider launch site has been improved and can now accommodate Paragliders and we see them quite often. As for a ground launched canopy, I would be most concerned with a suitable landing area. The mountain is covered with thick manzanita and other brush. There are several two track roads criss-crossing the mountain, however. Are you local?
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    bachelor part in the tunnel?

    Oh boy, this isn't starting out good. Tell your friend to run (not walk) away if he wants to get into skydiving. As for how much time, I did my first tunnel time after several hundred skydives. I had been out of the sport for a few years and was not in the best physical condition. I think my wife and I shared 15 or 20 minutes our first time out and it was physically taxing and our core muscles were feeling it the next day.
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    As an experienced camera flier, I never even thought of taking a camera on my first (or any so far) wing suit jumps. I know that it distracts my focus on the task at hand, when I have any camera on my head. I would use the same thought process if I were to cross over to the dark side and start freeflying. Less distraction = faster learning curve. I have been thinking of adding a small format camera to my Z1 to shoot inside video on RW jumps and would probably wear it on future wing suit jumps at that time. On a recent Scuba trip in Catalina I had two or three incidents involving an underwater camera. One of which I found myself down current of the dive boat, almost out of air, without a snorkel (long story) and camera/strap tangled in the drift line. I decided at that moment that it just wasn't worth the BS to bring a camera along on something that I wasn't already comfortable with.
  12. http://raisethesky.org/ While trying to do a similar event I was fortunate to find Raise the Sky and contacted Taya. She was quite helpful although my fundraiser fell flat on its face when the charity backed out after I had completed most of the logistics. They decided that they could not afford the liability insurance for the event. They weren't necessarily worried about me getting injured or killed, but their liability in the event that someone attending the fundraiser was injured at the DZ. Another good source of info for marketing your event is Kevin Burkart who put on the 100 and 200 perfect jumps for Parkinson's Research. This guy knows how to market an event like none other. Google him and you should find his email address. He provided me with his fund-raising plan. I hope this info puts you on the right track. Good luck in your endeavor.
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    CRW Dogs on Face Book

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    CRW Memorial Day weekend in Cross Keys

    Make a jump or two for PJ. :-)
  15. Zymurdoo

    CRW Camp at Eloy April 17-18 2010

    Here is an attached flier. You can also contact Kevin Vetter at 602-942-0038 home phone, leave a message or Kevin.vetter(at)honeywell(dot)com
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    Tandem Sunburst

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    I have tried it all (short of duct taping the bag closed) and this canopy provides near instantaneous openings at terminal with great predictability. If you do slow the openings down it develops unpredictable off heading openings. Once you survive the opening this canopy is fun, fun, fun with awesome landings and surfs like crazy without and radical approach set-ups. If I could just slow the opening speed I would love it.