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  1. Anyone heard new monotrack news??? ETA? cool features?
  2. I have thick dacron lines on a new canopy and need to sew my steering toggle loops in position because I cant pull it through a second time to finish the no sew fingertrap method, it is just too thick. Anyone here hand stitched their toggle loop instead of bar tacking and have any advice? Type of thread, and method of stitching would be greatly appreciated. Not that this is rocket science, but I figured someone here might have some advice for me. There is a whole lot of line fingertrapped up inside all the way up to my brake setting, so I doubt it is going anywhere but I'd rather be safe than sorry and have not hand sewed something like this before so any advice is appreciated. Are there any good tutorials online on how to hand sew a bar tack? Think a standard backstitch is good enough? Any specific type of thread I need to use?
  3. Classless thread to post, but I already know exactly what will happen. He will hype the crap out of it (just like Jeb) for as long as possible, and then he will jump but pull his chute and back out last minute. I honestly hope he doesnt do it. I dont see this ending well. But if he does go for it, best of luck.
  4. Cant believe it took me so long to hear about this. We miss you man. Damn. RIP Howard.
  5. Thanks for the explanation guys. Headed to the DZ right now to try it out.
  6. Just got mine in the mail, can't wait to fly it this weekend. Pardon me for being thick headed, but I can't help but wonder the following. If the flysight knows how fast Im descending, and what altitude I am at why can't it act as an audible altimeter as well?
  7. Sick vids! Love it. On a related note; hows that wingsuit book coming along that you alluded to on the forums?
  8. Whats the timetable on selling the flysight with a mount included? Im about to place an order with paragear for some stuff and wondered if it was worth ordering one now or if the mount would come out pretty soon.
  9. So sad. Thanks for taking me on my first A, and putting up with my slow climbing. I will never forget that day Gary. Blue skies.
  10. Any updates on the game recently? Going to be a good one!
  11. The adhesive itself is fine, but I have had several of my plastic brackets break (not exactly during a jump I dont think, but when your helmet gets knocked around cracks can develop that you dont notice until the camera falls off). The metal cookie mounts are bomber though. Yes, they are expensive but if it saves you from replacing even one GoPro then they are worth it.
  12. Wow that suit seems like it has a really slow forward speed. If the video didn't show the exit you could have told me that person was under canopy and I would have believed you.
  13. How much better is the new backlit sensor in low light on the CX150? Trying to justify the extra cash over the CX100 and wondering if its worth it.
  14. A few questions: -any thoughts about tracking as well as wingsuit? -Have you developed the canopy flight at all yet? -thoughts about 2 ways(in a 'follow me' sort of challenge seeing if you can stay as close to the wall as much as a computer flyer jumping right before you)? -Will there be aerials allowed on exit that will take skill to come out of and be stable? - will it just be proxy flying or will there be some iconic objects of all types for the whole spectrum of BASE? And the final but very important question: in the D3 game, if you held the track button you were automatically stable and knew exactly how far you could go so there was no excitement or balance to being able to stay on a certain glide ratio. It would be very nice if there was some sort of balance you needed to have to stay flying well and if not then you would stall, or spin out, or something so you never actually knew if you were going to make it over something until you had balanced your way past it much like the way you need to stay balanced during a grind in skateboard video games. Having the chance of at any moment spinning out and hitting the wall or whatever you were over at a given time adds so much to the game. Also in the aerials for the D3 game it was completely random when you pulled off an aerial and sometimes for no reason of skill with the controller you would be unstable out of an aerial and die. It would be great if this was a balance/player skill as well and had complete control over how you came out of an aerial and better control everything instead of having rotation be automated. Keep up the great work guys, cant wait to hand you over my money! PS3 would be SICK...