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  1. congrats. On jump 36 i had what I think may have been a simple brake fire, but I started panicking in my spin, and I cut away. I took jump 37 1 week later, and after I pulled at 4000, my canopy opened into a ball of shit, and the line twists were so bad that I was being strangled! This time, the cut away was imperative, and I had no fear doing it.2 in a row for me. Hey, 2 free skydives, and since then, Ive been back on the horse, and shes been great to me. I guess we all have to go through this eventually. We just have to slap on some smiles, and keep stomping through this shit-storm of jumping out of planes. A few near death experiances is certainly worth it, dont you agree?
  2. sure i am. you and i are becoming fast friends already.
  3. not bitter at all actually. i love my instructors and all of the experienced guys at the dz. i have the utmost respect for everyone who has made this sport what it is. the life long jumpers who have sacrificed everything are my heroes... i was just breaking balls because thats what they do. its irony. do you really think that im sitting at my computer shaking my fist and planning terrorist attacks on all of the cats who have more jumps than me? i think most people on this thread realized what i was doing................ I still hate each and every one of you bastards though.
  4. glad to see most people on here realized that this was just me playin around. i was sort of hoping for a little more controversy, because, well, that sort of is what this is all about, right? cheers.Quote
  5. three or four days ago i posted my first thread on this silly web page. it was about my girlfriend breaking up with me because i refused to stop skydiving. Now, im basically a newbie, with less than 50 jumps, and i basically created a thread of truly experienced jumpers laughing at me. At first i was pissed off, but soon i realized that most of you really experienced cats have lived through a series of life altering sacrifices in order to jump. i get it now. all you big tough skydivers, with your D licenses, can break my balls all you want. i hate you all, and i thnk that you all are assholes. however, once i have 1000 jumps under my belt, i plan on breaking the balls of the newbies as well. its a tough and competitive sport. i get it. so, to all you old bastards hat think you're hot shit because you've survived 10+ 15+ 20+ years in this sport, just remember that in two years my little novice punk ass will be freeflying circles around you guys... (ok... seriously, dont tell the guys at crosskeys that i wrote this. i actually have to see them in persn. however, all you cats from around the country that ill probably never meet: break my balls all ya want. ill be abetter skydiver than you one day.
  6. gipsi


    haha. okay. i like ball bustin as much as the next guy. i didnt realize that i sounded like such a whiny bitch there. my bad... i still hate everyone who has a B,C, or D licence. bunch of mean bastards, all of ya.
  7. gipsi


    wow. these forums are funny. everyone is so passionate...since we are having fun now, ill clarify a few things. for one, my gf literally said to me, "I will not be with you if you skydive. Make a choice between me and jumping out of planes." I dont wanna be controlled, so we split up. I have made 35 skydives in the past three months(sorry for not keeping my profile better updated). I like to skydive, and i would do it more but i live an hour and a half from the dz and i dont drive. the only thing that i hate about this sport is how utterly arogant and unwelcoming so many of you experienced jumpers are. why dont you guys chill out? so many of these forums are filled with positive and energetic blogs from students, and critical, suppresive comments from the elite. Learn to have fun again. Also, im not really drinking myself to death. i was trying to make the point that im broken up about my gf and i splitting up, but not enough to keep me grounded.
  8. gipsi


    Ive lived with a woman for three years. We have a dog, a beautiful apartment, and a relatively stable life. Unfortunately, she forced me to choose between skydiving and our life together. I had to realistically consider, as a mature and responsible adult, and as a loving companion, which sacrifice to make. Needless to say, for the past few weeks i have been looking for my girlfriend in the airspace above my dropzone, and at night i search for her at the bottom of a martini glass. If anyone sees my girlfriend can you tell her that i need to talk to her, and that she can find me 13500 feet above my home dz. Thanks guys.
  9. i had this conversation at my home dz the other day( cross keys, nj ). my buddy eric had the best contribution. he said that he jumped from a few cessnas, a few otters, and from one main parachute. I imagine that no maer how many aircrafts you have jumped from, if you cut away from a parachute, you have a god mf story