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  1. Climbing to alt one day with these two tandems that are really, really nervous. A fun jumper doing a solo leans over and tells me he's going to hang his head out the door when the light comes on and to kick him out when it goes green. There he is on his hands and knees, head out the door... green light and I yell "GET OUT" when I kick him in the ass. Those girls screamed louder than any tandem I've ever heard... the look on their faces was priceless, almost like I had just killed him. Left my jumpsuit out one Saturday night, next morning it’s hanging from a tree in a duct tape cocoon... took me 10 minutes WITH scissors to get it out of the duct tape. CAP-3... nuff said.
  2. I didnt. Damn near killed myself jumping off that bridge.
  3. Please please please get exit training and jump the canopy you are jumping at bridge day at least a few times before making a base jump on it.
  4. I used to look at every single object I drove by and dream of jumping it until I made my first at bridge day last year. Now I dont even look at them as I drive by anymore.
  5. And he doesnt belong there in the least... you know or at least you should know that his suit is a COUNTER suit to their BS suit.
  6. He probably just didnt do as convincing of a job faking it this time...
  7. Those aren't rumors...the pics prove it really happened. Dont think I've ever heard a rumor that had it's own tshirt before...
  8. Several threads already exist on this camera including one that cookie posted prototype shots of their new box. Do a search :)
  9. might help to attach a picture of the flash to gauge the size... looking pretty limited on space though unless you put it on the side.
  10. I'll post because I just started flying camera and have low numbers unlike all the other repliers to your thread. Wait until next season to mount a camera on yer head, dude. I know its just a small little piece of gear and it really doesnt seem like it will add much to the skydive but it really does. 19 jumps at summerfest over a two weekend time period I forgot to hit record until I was in freefall for 3 maybe 4 jumps. And I have at least 50 video jumps now. It really does change your skydives and I'm not just talking about the first 10 or so with the camera. Expect to be treated differently on your skydive as well... some people wont jump with you, some people will jump ALL over you because of it. Get video of someone that they like... expect them to beg you for it until you dont want to see that person anymore. It really isnt just the addition of the camera that makes it more dangerous, there are also a lot of other little things that you just cant anticipate and that I'd not considered until I encountered them with a camera on my own head.
  11. Foster

    Costa Rica

    would you mind copying me on this PM I'm hoping to go again this winter...
  12. I think the Zkulls quick release is probably the flattest: The space left between the helmet and mounted object is less than 1mm (1/32 inches). Yes, you do have to drill a 50mm hole into your helmet, but hey, it works beautifully. Highly recommended. I'm glad you mentioned the giant hole so I didnt have to :)
  13. That's the century... its in DSE's tests in a different thread. I have one for sale in the classifieds if you are interested.