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  1. Regular F111 Smart 110 fits in I1 just fine as well.
  2. 117 ZPX fits really nice in I2 but if you are a neat at packing it will be ok in I1.
  3. Hang in there. We are working on new low pack volume project right now. Should be releasing it for PIA 2013.
  4. 117 ZPX in I3 will fit just fine> I used to have Mamba 96 in I3 before my I1 got built
  5. Well said Scott! I saw the movie last week and it is great. I will be happy to see it again.
  6. Also Beretta just came out with new tiny 9mm NANO. I just bought one for my wife. it is small but very well balanced. Great for concealed. Takes 6+1 rounds
  7. You can load up the Pilot high if you are comfortable flying higher loaded canopies. It will perform very well in 1.9+ WL. I fly PT 96 with that kind of wing loading and it works great for me.
  8. ZPX option is not available only on Sensei canopies. The rest of our mains are available in both ZP and ZPX fabric.
  9. In addition to Aerodyne Demo Tour we have Tom Schroder coming from big D and I mean Dallas, to organize fun RW formation skydives. You may have jumped with Tom at Couch Freaks, Skydive Dallas, Perris Valley, World Team events in US and abroad and if not come out and have fun with us and WTS!!! See you all there.
  10. Just go and jump your Pilot 210. Just do it. If you worry about your square footage, and you think about trading PT210 for PD product in 230, DON't as PT 210 translates to PD's 220+ sq anyways. Why? It just does. We also offer the Pilot in 230 but that is a huge canopy. As for pack volume of PT vs. Pulse, I am guessing you have a regular zp fabric but for those who don't want to sacrifice performance of zp material over hybrid canopies like Pulse, go for a ZPX option and it will be a dream to pack.
  11. Pilot 188 ZPX will fit in the same container as 150 zp would. Hope this helps?
  12. Peter, you will have to ask your dzo that question. It is easier than guessing. He made the decision of getting Aerodyne student rigs at PIA in Reno last February. Yes UPT, Mirage, Velocity (Infinity), Sunpath and others were there as well as several canopy manufacturers. He did his homework with everyone he liked and made his personal decision. I did not check if he ordered these Student Icons out of new "ballistic" fabric, I hope he did, as it is very durable in student rig application and awesome to work with. If you get a chance to work with these rigs please let us know your feedback :) I am planning on making couple of tour stops in Canada this summer. I agree with you. The skydivers up there may not have best opportunities in trying our gear. Several big way participants that come down to US for training have had a chance to demo and buy our equipment in past few years, but not all Canadian jumpers come to US. We will try to do better and bring Aerodyne to them, so they have more choices and opportunities to fly our equipment. Please keep checking our event calendar for our tours stops near you.
  13. Whoever is reading this please do not go by above opinion that Mamba is like Stiletto. It is misleading as Mamba has by far much more performance and very long, comparing to Stiletto, recovery arc. It is direct counterpart to PD Katana and should be taken just as serious. I do not let anyone demo a Mamba unless they have at least 500 jumps and prior fully elliptical experience. If you are ready for Crossfire/Stiletto type of a canopy but would not want to fly a Katana then a Mamba would be poor choice as far as safety goes.