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  1. Thanks for the info. Looks to be a fun time. I will probably be out tomorrow noonish to jump my @$$ off for a couple days. No flocking though, I'm a still a sky-newb , unless I can demo a PF track suit and someone wants to chase me around .
  2. I'm over on the East coast, Palm City, and am gonna head over to Z-hills in the next couple days. If I head out there tomorrow or Wednesday, will I be kept busy? I don't wanna drive 3 hours out there and be sitting around :-/ Also, is there a beach nearby or anything else sweet to do when I'm not jumping? Went to Sebestian today for a couple quick jumps. Florida is warm! And openings are soft! Colorado sucks compared to here... Also, how many people are camping out at Z-Hills? I don't wanna be the only guy in a tent in the middle of a huge field... Looking forward to coming out. I have a bright orange rig, say hi so I can make friends.
  3. Landed in Palm Beach about 4 hours ago. Gotta entertain the family for a couple days, and I will be out :-) Looking forward to watching a 200-way (never seen anything bigger than 20, lol), and seeing some bird-people. Save me a spot in the campground.
  4. When is everyone gonna be out there? I'll be landing in Florida from Colorado this Friday and I'll probably head to Z-hills ~Tues or so.
  5. First dibs on the IMPACT track suit :-) But I won't be to FL until the 24th.
  6. Haha, thanks for your help Omar and sorry for your trouble. Now there's no doubt that I would love to do some big flocks, but seeing as that my first jump in Florida will be my 51st, and I can't fly a wingsuit, I'd like to stick to smaller stuff for my safety. Granted I am confident, as are most guys my age, but I'm also smart enough to know that I suck... So I am going to call Sunshine tomorrow to reserve a Demo (can I use it all week?) I put 10 jumps on a Sp-150 here in Colorado, GL = 5,500msl, can't wait for the soft Floridian openings! Also, would they have any PF suit demo's or will I have to talk to PF once I get out there? Also, is it worth it for a lowbie like me to pay the registration fee? Raffles and prizes look sweet but I don't wanna register as a wingsuiter for obvious reasons. Just picked up a sweet tent for cheap. Looking forward to being a dz-bum for a few days!
  7. A few more questions from a sky-newb... I am coming to Florida for spring break and I wanna jump my ass off, preferably at Z-hills since it seems like a sick dz and there will be tons of people there that week. Is there somewhere I can crash for a couple nights? Should I bring a tent and sleeping bag? What's the deal with camping out? Parties? etc... (btw, I'm looking to stay for as cheap as possible... so I can blow all my money on jump tickets) Also, I sold my canopy a week or so ago with the intent to have a new one by now. Well, deals fell through and people stopped responding so I am canopy-less. I had PD send me a demo Spectre-150 for the past weekend (can't use it this coming). Would they let me demo another Spectre-150 or is there a rule against demo'ing the same thing repetedly, lol. Or will there be demo's I can pick up for the week while I'm there? Or, is there anyone that has a spare Sp-150 they wanna rent to me? Or sell to me? Thanks guys. See ya out there!
  8. Any other ideas then for a compatible top? If I can, I will demo a full PF suit in Florida.
  9. PF Tracking jacket, or an Impact Jacket if I can find either.
  10. *Update* Flew the oversized pantz this weekend. I wore them under my leg straps, hiked them up high and used my legstraps to hold them up, and rolled the bottoms a bit. There was still a good inch and a half of excess material flared at the bottom but they flew fine, no flapping or anything. Tons of fun. Don't have a digital altimeter so I didn't get to measure any freefall time. Definitely very powerful. Took a jump or two to get use to the wider arm position to compensate for the legs but I was definitely cruising. I have another pair coming in later this week that should fit me well and I am in the process of selling the oversized ones to my tracking buddy. Hopefully the new ones will fit well enough that I can wear them over my leg straps to feel the full effect. Also hoping I get good enough with these (and a jacket) to convince some wingsuiters to chase me down in Z-Hills in two weeks
  11. Well, I won't be flying a wingsuit so... And I'll only be just above the 50 mark... like I said, Sky-Newb. But if I can get tight on those Pantz and find a jacket to demo, I'd be happy to play.
  12. Haha, I like the pic. Maybe I'll see you around the dropzone. I'll be the one by himself with the flourescent orange rig, lol.
  13. If I can't fly a wingsuit but still plan on going to jump... should I register? I will have some tracking pantz... might try to demo a jacket... anyone wanna do a small flock
  14. Ok, I'll admit, she did give me the idea...