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  1. All my plans are laid out. I cannot wait. I'm so excited. I went last year and had a blast and this year will be even better.
  2. All you skydivin' chicks lets all get together and make some records! On Friday August 3, 2007 & Saturday August 4, 2007 Skydive Cross Keys is trying to break a record for the largest Women's Way Record. We are looking for licensed skydiving women to help set the state record for NJ. This will be during the Fiesta Boogie, you will have to register for the boogie! It's only $25 dollars; there will be great skydives, food, fun, and as always insane after hours partying at Cross Keys! For any additional information on the Boogie please visit: When: Friday, August 3rd, 2007 & Saturday August 4th (during the Fiesta Boogie) Where: Skydive Cross Keys ( Time: 9:00 am C'mon ladies lets break some records! ~ Dana
  3. Congrats!!! It has to feel good! ~ Dana
  4. I can't wait; it sounds like a lot of fun. AND ... it's on my birthday, how cool is that. It'll be the best birthday to date! ~ Dana
  5. Awesome! Keep it up. I failed my level 2 as well. I did some tunnel then went back the next day and passed my level 2. I'm on level 3. As soon as the weather is a little better and I have some more cash I'll be attempting three. I'll be going back to the tunnel in March to help me keep with it during the winter. Keep us posted on your progress! You rock! ~ Dana
  6. Don't worry your women are in good hands boys! ~ Dana
  7. Yes I have talked to a few instructors at my dz about this. I think I'm gonna wait awhile. Finish with the student gear and make some jumps with some rented gear. I'd like to try different things out and do some research on different rigs, canopies, and set-ups before I make a choice. I want get the right equipment that fits me best and that I can work with, and learn and grow with. Plus, I want something that is safe for me so I don't hurt myself or anyone else. I don't want to rush into buying something to realize a few months down the road that it's not right for me. I've have started my research and found somethings that might be good once I have my license. However, I'm gonna talk it over with my instructor first and see what he thinks. ~ Dana
  8. Joe: Yes they are open year 'round. CK's hours of operation for the winter are Mon - Sun @ 10 am - Sunset. We have a nice fleet of aircrafts that include: 2 Otters, King Air, Pac, 206, 182, Turbine Helicopter, Stearman biplane, and I believe we may still have a Grand Caravan, but don't quote me on the last one. Right now it is kinda slow with the cold weather and all but come spring we are always hoppin', especially on weekends. And, if we are really busy with tandems and all, we will run one plane for tandems and one for licensed skydivers. Same goes for big ways and boogies, etc. One additional note, if you are a student we have a few student programs you may want to check out. They can help you save money in the long run. An on going thing is called Student Daze which is special program from CK for AFF & AFP students to help them save time, money, and learn has much as they can about safety and the sport. I hopes this helps and maybe you will consider a trip to Cross Keys!?! ~ Dana
  9. azdav: MmM... 60 sounds nice! 18!?! I didn't know the AZ could get that cold during the day! I know at night that it can get pretty cold. Oh yeah, that was the first thing I learned real quick. However, I wouldn't have it any other way. That's a good term for it. I fell in love with the tunnel after I was in it. I can't wait to do it again. skymama: I had a fantastic time in Flordia. I got to see a different side of Flordia. I always go to Orlando and Naples. This time I got to see the smaller towns. I got a better feel of the state. I loved the scenery of the DZ on the ground and in the air. The town was nice too. I do want to come back soon and visit all the other DZ's once I have my license. I miss the warm sunny weather! Thanks!
  10. That's the week of my Birthday You should take your son on Feb 3 ~ Dana
  11. Hello Monique, I'm from Jersey also. All bias aside, I think you should take your son to Skydive Cross Keys (Freefall Adventures) That is my home drop zone. I did my tandem skydives with the staff at Cross Keys, I am currently a student there. The staff is friendly and well trained. They’ll be able to answer all your questions and help calm your nerves. The equipment is up-to-date as well as the aircrafts. Your son would be given a briefing video before his skydive as well as personal training from one of the experienced Tandem Masters, where they will go over proper safety procedures for the whole skydive, including approach to the plane, entrance, seating, safety in and around the plane as well as exiting the aircraft and proper body position in freefall and canopy control. He will let your son deploy the parachute at 5500 ft, if he so chooses; otherwise he will pull at 5500 ft, and he’ll assist your son in steering the canopy safely back to the landing area. Once back down you son will then be debriefed on his skydive and will be given further instruction for possible future skydives. The Drop Zone also features: Square 3 Gear Store / Souvenir Shop Mark's Menu Cafe Big screen TVs available in the main hangar for video debriefs and watching tandem videos Covered boarding area Bathrooms And more… Skydive Cross Keys 300 Dahlia Ave. Williamstown, NJ 08095 856.629.7553 [email protected] I hope this helps you. If you need more information, I’m sure someone at the office could help you. Good luck with your research and let us know what you decide. Just a thought, I’d wait for warmer weather ;) ~ Dana
  12. Hey azdav, Funny, you read my mind. I was just typing up a little blurb for Tandem Mom. My training is going well (I think). Spent lots of money; spending more money ... lol. Yes, you can jump in this weather depending on the weather conditions and if you have the gahoonies to jump in the coldness. Right now, it is very cold and has been pretty windy on certain days. It’s also been very cloudy and lightly snowing on and off. As a student, I haven’t really been able to jump. However, I did go to the CK Invasion at Skydive Sebastian and got in some jumps down there and I did some wind tunnel. I have plans to go to Skyventure, NH for more tunnel time. I’m doing what I can to stay current and keep active in the sport while the weather is sub par here. ~ Dana
  13. Hi Guys, I'm Dana. I'm an AFF level 3 student from Cross Keys. I read the forums often for news, tips and tid-bits; I figured I should introduce myself, at some point, and stop lurking in the shadows. So hear I am, lol. Have a good day/week.