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  1. I use Simon's glove with a HC-21 and a .38 lens. You can see which ones in there that are my HC videos with this setup. ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  2. Couple months ago I pulled the release and the loop on top of the canopy broke and the drogue went bye-bye. Bag danced on my back a couple seconds before I pulled the handles ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  3. I had Verizon and while there coverage was good, I hated them for customer service and pricing. Had 3 lines with them and was paying $200 a month. Dropped down to one line with T-Mobile and now paying $50. ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  4. Heres a link to a review: Its called the iFone as a clone for the iPhone. Ive been reading mixed things about it but I think it will be my next phone on the tmobile network. ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  5. Thats definetly him ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  6. 1:6:5 - 9 of those were tandems though.... ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  7. I have done it as a regular tandem with my passenger (also a TI) wearing a small sport rig. Undid the lowers and clipped them back to the little "holders" on the harness. He grabbed the risers and took his weight off the uppers while i unclipped those. I had my Handcam on and he had a helmet cam and flipped on his back after leaving me....AWESOME VIDEO!! ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  8. My setup is a Simon Wade glove with a HC-30 and Diamond .3 lens ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  10. its been 4 different packers. Ive jumped plenty of other 384's that havent done anything like this one has.....I think its just one of those funky ones ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  11. Iv'e "seen" a TM with a student harness on and a sport rig over hookup and do a Mr. Bill. (with another TM.) "Student" grabs front risers to take the weight off and instructor undoes the for awesome video..... ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  12. Im still a believer in Simon Wades gloves from Boulder City, NV. Attached is a pic ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  13. Iv'e had two on a EZ384 using a Vector. It was the same EZ that was cutaway 3 times before my 2 because of line over/tension knots. Im thinking its the 6 groumet slider. ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  14. I got to take my girlfriend on a tandem for my 1000th. Still laughing about how much she screamed. ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784
  15. Blue skies johnny. muff muff muff!!!! ~FREEFLYER84~ MUFF#3784