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  1. Yep. Edit: I just got the info that a huge volume of orders in that timeframe is bring dealt with at the moment.
  2. Ok thanks Jack, so with a little bit of luck it's only 1 more month of waiting. U
  3. Seems like nothing has changed at all. Ordered a Vampire SU 30 Nov 16 via a dealer and still waiting. So 16 weeks and counting while the website stated 7-8 weeks.
  4. Well, yes and no. The FE certainly reduces the workload during normal operations and even more so in abnormal situations (think "human FADEC/voice controlled auto thrust" etc.). BUT depending on the emergency he just might add to the confusion and make communication harder. The pilots on a modern multi engine, multicrew aircraft should be capable of handling an engine failure just fine on their own. Normal procedure (or at least what they taught us) requires both pilots to identify the engine that is about to be shut down - which usually takes longer than the 5s the TransAsia crew aparently took before shutting down their good engine. On a side note: Someone on pprune pointed out that a lot of the recent crashes involved planes that had more than 2 people in the cockpit at the time of the accident (granted those were pilots on the jump seat, not FEs).
  5. My beloved profly is due for retirement and I'm trying to decide which suit to order as a replacement. Did you ever geht to write that review? I've mostly been flying sfly suits but am considering squirrel and Pf as well now.
  6. flusspirat


    yep, after a compression fracture in L1 - helped a lot. swimming every day for a couple of weeks did as well!
  7. Well, I should've worded that a little better: "The speedmaster is on my wrist at any time when there is no danger of bumping it into anything. Apart from that: Traser H3 (2nd one, first one broke for no apparent reason)." Not a fan of IWC's new lineup (the last versions of the pilot watches were nice though).
  8. Omega Speedmaster Professional. Got it from my parents when I graduated university. Beautiful watch with an interesting ancestor! :) On my wrist when there is no danger of bumping it into anything, apart from that: Traser H3 (2nd one, first one broke for no apparent reason).
  9. Hmm, i was going to upgrade to an elite (profly at the moment) for the upcoming season. seems like it'd maybe be worth to wait a little longer?
  10. "Weak economy.....check" oh really? you better recheck...
  11. The general advice on sfly suits seems to be to put tension on all wings. That never worked for me, I get pretty good results when I hold the arm wings a little less tight. Start with loose armwings while focussing on speed (suit in a dive) and then apply more and more tension in little steps to find the right arm position that works for you. the pro has a lot of power once you find that position.
  12. Awesome, the new suit in range is a PF Expert! I like the new site, well done!
  13. Awesome, excellent choice. Have fun with the expert, it will serve you for a long time.