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  1. From a guy thats anal about glasses i had a pair of Wiley-x's....compared to the Oakley Minute 2.0 i just got completely for skydiving, the wileys are garbage,

    The Oakleys blow anything else out of the water, the waranty, the lenses, the quality, is amazing by far!

    I will never get anything but another pair of oakleys!!!

  2. Quote

    Why would I want to pay for a carfax for you?

    IM not asking YOU to pay anything for me...but some people on forums have access to carfax because maybe they work around cars and their job has an account with them....thanks again

  3. Well after were done in texas we will be traveling for about 6 months around the USA, so thats why we really want to get a class A

    And i will not be jumping at Spaceland i will be packing...i already thought about getting hurt...if i pack for a while i wont have to worry about that, payments are only 450 a month, i am putting down 20k in the beginning, so if i get hurt my gf will pay the 450 for a while till i heal up!!

  4. Well first sorry for not posting

    I registered to with 3 usernames, for some reason they will not send me a activation code and when i try to log on it just says wrong password..I have been trying to get on there for 3 weeks freakin luck!

    Im not doing any sort of converting, we want something nice and luxurious to live in. Were buying a nice 06 or 07 Class A and going on the road, no time or patience to start remodeling things on some old one no matter what it costs! Were hooking it up at Spaceland Texas, i will be working at the Dz and she will be working at a hospital as a Nurse! Why pay rent for 3 years when we can pay one of these off!!!

    Im stuck right now between a 07 Gulf-stream Independence with 3k miles and a 06 Coachmen Aurora with 15k miles

    Both are $62,500, im going down to NC to check them out in about a week or 2!

    The first link is the Gulf-stream and the Second is the Aurora!

    I cant even get this thing to make a damn link! Sorry!!

    What do you guys think...which is better made or can you point out any big differences mechanical wise...right now i am leaning towards the 07 Gulfstream!!

    And BTW the rv's are coming with a 4 year warranty!!!

  5. Me and my gf are looking into buying one so we can live in it for the next 2-3 years, looking at a 2006 Coachmen Aurora for 60k

    Anyone have any opinions on this thing or think its not a good deal?

    Planning on going to texas for 2-3 years so i can work at a dz there and she can go to RN School there, I think its a better idea then spending over 30k in rent and leaving with nothing

  6. Like the topic and my gf are having an argument about which is harder to do...if a dog walks into a vet and a human does...the human can say...this hurts or this doesn't feel right...the dog cannot do that...

    I am right....Right?

    She says its harder to diagnose humans!

  7. Sorry the place is called slide rock...the natural water slide...were definitely going there..maybe some places to rock climb....bouldering...we cant bring our mountain bikes so maybe we can get some there!!

    Im thinking about going there a week early and trying to work at eloy to make some more money for when my girlfriend gets there so we have money to do more things!!

    We really want to do alot of sight seeing...if anyone wants to meet up and show us around to all the hiking places that would be cool!!



  8. Quote

    landscape is the way to go. blue is more blue, colors are more vivid, it simply looks great. I mostly shot with saturation +2 and sharpness +?

    no editing necessary

    Key Question right here...OD you shoot in landscape mode with the little mountain on the dial...or do you shoot in TV mode and then change the picture style on the settings to landscape?