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  1. I just got my Mirage MT.5 today , G4, i got a optimum 126 and a crossfire 129 with about 100 jumps in it and its a bit tight but i got no problem packing it 15 times a day to do back to backs!! Just for future reference with anyone else that would want to know!

  2. Is it busy during the winter months? November-feb? Want to go there and do some video work as well as fun jump!! Anyone have any info! Talked to bill and he just said come down and work dont call or ask me any questions! Want to get a bit more info before i come down!!

  3. Quote

    Your honor, "Here are four notarized affadavits from people that rode the jet ski one week before it was sold, stating that the jet ski was in good operating condition and ran properly", furthermore "the plantiff inspected the jet ski himself and sought advice from a local dealer which told him everything was OK"
    Your honor, "The new owner has had the jet ski for 4 weeks and has operated it at least twice, I don't believe I am responsible for any damage that has occurred"
    Your honor, "To the best of my knowledge the jet ski was in good operating condition when it was sold and I acted in good faith, thank you"

    this is great stuff.....thanks guys

  4. I bought a jet ski for 900 bucks from my gf's neighbor, i drove it a few times, had it checked out by a certified tech, it was mint, so i got bored of it and decided to sell it, i ended up selling it for 1900 bucks, the guy came here checked it out started it up with water running through revving the shit out of it for 5 minutes, he saw a little play in the shaft, he called up his friend who owns a big jet ski dealership near me and said its normal, 2 weeks later his son takes it out and some exhaust leak happened....he fixed it....he took it out 2 weeks later and it wont go over 4 grand and it bogs and backfires.....he brought it to a shop and they quoted hm 1300 bucks, he wants me to pay for half of it!

    Now when he bought it we didnt sign any contracts saying i will fix it if it broke or anything like that, his 16 year old son took it out and broke it obviously, now a month later he wants me to pay for half the damages saying he bought it broken meanhile he had it running for 5 minutes...He just called me and said he is taking me to small claims court...what chances do i have

    I have 4 people that will sign papera saying they were on it with me for an hour and ti ran fine a week before he bought it, and yes they were on it with me.


    EDIT: the shaft housing and propeller went bad hit each other i guess some random bearing and some pump...i have the estimate here.....

  5. Any dropzones doing them soon in the next week or two...i need them for my D...only the ranch is and its in 3 weeks...want to do it earlier!! Btw in the NY area or NJ or anywhere around here!!!

  6. The Rv im buying is in NC and is 60k, Im putting down 14k. Now the interest rate im getting from most people is 7%. So i will be paying 495.00 for 144 months, So in the end i will be paying $71,000.

    Now what if me and my gf plan on paying about 2k a month for the RV, we will pay it off in 2 years or so, can we avoid paying all the interest on the Rv? I heard from a friend that you can write a check for an extra 1500 and ask to put it towards the principal balance!

    Please help me with this...its very frustrating!!