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    Amen to your post,
    I can give ample amount of examples.....

    I would love to hear from the 52 skydivers that voted that the standards were ok for Coach rating and more importantly the 6 asswipes who think it is too difficult. Who are they polling in this issue of Parachutist?
    How the hell is 100 jumps too difficult? how about we just give Coach ratings with the A license, we can make it a sign off on the yello card this way the coach rating can be lowered to 25 jumps. Wake up people will you.

    IMO I think the coach course is way to easy! They should up it to 200 jumps and make you work for it alot more!

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    come on guys lets get back to the topic... This thread was soooooo much better when you guys wanted the instructors ratings pulled. So lets get back to that. It was so entertaining

    Maybe you should have your rating you got out of a cracker jack box pulled for pushing people out of doors ;)

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    he was cool with it after he landed,

    And if he'd freaked, and started grabbing handles, or maybe grabbed the TI's hands and toggles in a death grip at 50 feet? D'oh!! Never thought of that, did we? No problem; as long as it's funny, that makes it ok.

    At 50 feet he already knew about the joke...hell at 1k feet he knew about could see that sign from 2k

  4. You guys gotta calm down, he was cool with it after he landed, the whole crew jumped and if i remember correctly streeter wanted to jump again after!

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    If you live in the northern half of the country, and want your new rig to be here in the spring, this is the time to place an order.

    A bunch of orders = A longer wait time

    Wasn't there just a thread about the long wait time over at Sunpath?

    Buy an Infinity, and you'll probably have it before the end of 2009.

    And if you're a skydiving professional that's cool for your taxes!:D

    What about next year though! Id rather use this rig as a write off for next year! But damn 22 weeks is insane....over 5 order went in today i hope its here before the season starts!