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  1. I just started jumping and recently got done with afp, im not gona buy this camera to jump withit tomorrow since i know i cnat, but i wanna buy something now just to video tape a few car races we have and random things, but when i do get 200 jumps i woudl love to videotape jumps with it, which sony camera shoudl i get, pc1000??, money really isnt an issue since i will finance it from best buy or circuit city!! :)

    i was thinking maybe this camera??

  2. After watching many videos of malfunctions and talking to my AFP Instructor....i never really got a definete answer on how long to wait to pull the reserve cord after you cut the main away...ive seen videos where they wait a few seconds and ive seen videos where they literally pull both at the same time.....which is correct??

  3. Im a beginner at this, ust have a few jumps, i will definetly be doing more freeflying then belly when i learn it...i called up freak'n suits and im lost between getting supplex or polycotten, the only diff is the fall rate i heard, but how much slower or faster will i fall with either, im about 5'10' and weigh 185

    does anyone have any pictures of freak'n suits also