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  1. Fixed Will post before and after photos in a few minutes

    The paint design looks off centered but its not...its the shape of the helmet that throws it off a little bit...other then that in person its fucken fantastic for a helmet that came off my head at 5k...Thanks alot jeremy and Jmac for fixing it :)

  2. Chin cup just popped guessing it was the little spring clip that holds the clicker down on the chin popped out once before and was out when i found it...maybe a riser hit it ....who knows!

  3. Not one single thing was savlageable...actually sorry just the battery from my xsi...The back of the helmet

    I dropped it off at a buddies house...hes been repairing helmets and doing airbrushing on them...he said itll cost about 250 to fix it and then black and red paint job on it would make it come to about 400...i already ordered a solar convertor after this happened i definitely want a back up helmet and i dont really wanna let go of this was my first work helmet!

    So i lost a Sony pc1000, Brand newish Canon XSI, Tokina 10-17mm lens, cookie box....

    Bite switch stayed in my mouth as the helmet ripped off my was my last chance i was waiting for my teeth to get ripped out of my mouth...

  4. So unfortunately my helmet came off my head with all my video equip on is a tonfly feugo pro...the back of it is pretty cracked up but it might just be repairable...what would you guys use to repair it...some type of bondo...sanding it down and then painting it? is it possible?

  5. Hitching a ride in the back of a pick up truck from a beach jump in puerto rico last week, i thought my canopy was off the bed but it touched it once, i got motor oil on the canopy, its got 40 jumps on it :(

    Should i have any worries for the future, any way to still try and clean it off?

  6. Quote


    there already is a 'real' dropzone out there thats not just a tandem factory ... i guess the only way this new one could be more 'real' is if there would be a 'dropzone hood' on the DZ and a bar, and a fire pit, and of course shenanighans ... but the DZ that is already there does not lack the latter

    Or maybe some fun jumpers.. SDLI is a tandem factory that tolerates fun jumpers. I can think of a few times that I was bumped off a load for a tandem... I also have heard if you don't like it, pay the toll. (Go to another drop zone) That's thier famous line. Now nobody will have to pay a toll. Just drive a couple miles down the road.;)

    Maybe it being YOU is the only reason it you? ;) havent heard of it happening to people!

    Last time i saw there were lots and lots of fun jumpers here!

  7. SO i havent gotten this sign once when i was working all sumer with the camera but all of the sudden i am getting "Card Write protected" When i try to take pics, with all the cards i have, And no the little safety lock is not on, the cards are PNY Optima SD Cards.

    Anyone else have this problem? I hope this doesnt happen when the season starts!!