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  1. haha, even when i did my tandems , i couldnt sleep for like 4 days before my first one, i dont know if it was from excitement or fear!..hahah
  2. ok ok this is amazing, i just made this up in my head, and i want any of you to add anything on to it ..if u can...here it is.. i cant wait to get under canopy and be free like a human being should be..... lol, if that sounds stupid than everr, its because im dunk, and i think it sounds good, but i hjavnt seen it yet sovber, so let me know!?>!?!?
  3. lmao, yea man , im about to sell every thing i have no use for, so i can go to FL, and the shitty this is, i havnt even started my AFF yet, so i thik i am just gonna do all my AFF in florida or something!
  4. ok im gonna get so f*cking hammered right now, i hope the hospital has to put me into a medicated coma, untill may 1st, so i can start my AFF, so i will see all you guys in MAY, have a good one, peace!
  5. o man , u guys have no idea, i feel like im loosing my Fuc&ing mind, i feel like i should be in a psych hospital or something, im going crazy!!,, hgahahahaahahaha
  6. haha, yea it looks like im gonna have to suck it up for the next year or so, cant go south till i get outta school....DAMM!
  7. ok im just wondering if any one esle out there is like this some times, during this past summer when i was doing my tandems, i was as happy as a pig in Sh!t,but now all of a sudden, i seem to be very angry at the world and every one in it!!.lol, i dont know where its comming from, i dont know if its because i experienced/found skydiving, and love it, and cant do it for the winter. or if i just turned into a p!ssed off person all of a sudden, i cant figure it out!..i think its not being able to jump, cause thats all i can think about all day, but i find myself just watching people around where i work (hospital), and just look at how miserable/ignortant/fake they all are, and it pisses me off more than ever!, every one puts up a image about themselves there, but i could give 2 sh!ts about any of this when iwas doing my jumps!!!, any one ever experience any thing like im going through?!?!?, Thanks again for the input, and reading my nonsense, i just had to get that off my chest!!, haha
  8. yea, well i got her a tandem gift card for x mas, so soon she will know what its all about!!!!
  9. i am also an only child, and when i made my first reservation for a tandem jump, my mother was not able to sleep for like a week be for i went, and of couse my grandmother (i live with my grandmother, and mother), sits and watches the news every damn day, and sees that skydive relative things are happening on the news , crashes, tandem accidents,etc.etc, so shes on my back now, saying im crazy, and why cant i just be a normal 20 year old and hang with friends, so it is very frustrating , i have done 3 tandems so far, and every one they get nervous about, and i will be starting AFF in the spring time, and even now my mom is worried about me doing that!
  10. when does the skydiving season usually start back up again up here?, is it april or march??
  11. has any one seen this video ?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaSWnnU6olg&mode=related&search=skydiving%20sky%20diving%20perris ...that shit is crazy..