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  1. wrespess

    Disabled Passenger Harness Attachment

    Does anyone one know where to buy (or how to make) a leg strap attachment for taking passengers that don't have full use of their legs?
  2. wrespess

    Tandem Pants

    I will take people up to the max weight requirement of 500lbs and yes, I can stand them up. I find that the sigma 340 with vectran is best with a nice gentle 90 (stabilized by 100 ft) to maintain enough airspeed to maintain lift is the secret. The only difference on no wind days is that I put my feet down slightly wider than a shoulder length apart and "ski" across the landing area to help bleed off energy while I maintain plane with toggles. I recline slightly while doing this and then give a nice push at the end of the toggle range to pop back to an upright position. I also ask the student to bring their knees up (thighs parallel to the ground) and put their feet out at 60 degrees. This allows for: -better weight distribution -easier for them to put their feet down on shut down (once my feet are down) -less risk of a knee injury since their knees are always bent -Less risk of back injury since their feet are lower than their butt. -Out of shape people can pick their knees up easier than their entire leg Even on the occasional sit down, Its really right at the end of the landing and the there's no sliding involved to tear up jeans. I'm currently rotating two pairs of levi's with no damage and have over 500 jumps on each pair. They are both one year old. My opinion is that most people don't refine their landings because sliding in is the status quo, but if you push yourself to become better; I find that you can consistently stand your landings up. I understand that some DZ's have some ragged out, too large of canopies or different brands and this can be a problem. I'm able to maintain my own gear and this does make a big difference. I sometimes jump an Icarus TX2 330 which I like, but still find the sigma 340 to have the best shut down in the business.
  3. wrespess

    Tandem Pants

    I'd recommend just wearing blue jeans and learn how to stand your landings up.
  4. wrespess

    Sitting on TI lap during climb-Creepy?

    Stupid statement - obviously never done a tandem from the slot beside the pilot in a C172 / 182. Stupid statement? This may be an issue of semantics but I disagree. I have thousands of jumps from the co-pilot side of a narrow-body 182 and zero of them were with a student in my lap. I get on my knees and the student sits on top of my thighs when its time to clip up. This, opposed to sitting on my lap, is much less invasive.
  5. wrespess

    New to NYC - Certified ASAP

    Calvert isn't really great for fun jumpers. You my friend need to come to the Ranch. Here's your ride: Transportation is Now available for You this: Saturday, Sunday Morning, 7:30 am Sharp! Be Manifested or Appointment by 9:15 AM ASAP by Fri. - E-MAIL: b.klyn@hotmail.com Call/Text - 845-219-9774 Be picked up - SAT. SUN - Morning’s East Side - West Side at 7:30 AM (???) ANYWHERE! On 42nd Street, between Lexington and 8th Avenues. “All Trains! Lead to Forty Second Street You! Tell us Where and We’ll Be There! Cost: (To) $ 30.00 (Residential P/U Available - $5.00 Boro’s If Possible $ 10.00)
  6. wrespess

    First Rig

    Your profile says you jump at the Farm. Go to mike at chutingstar. He's got a whole loft of used gear.
  7. wrespess

    Mirage G3 M2 sizing

    I had a crossfire 2 119 in an M2 before. It wasn't tight by any means, but filled the d-bag enough to be safe.
  8. I wouldn't worry about line dump. Tail pockets work fine for terminal BASE jumps. They cost 100 euro for magnets and 90 for velcro. Not sure about tuck tabs. [/url]http://www.pgasus.be/start.php?pg=text&item=mPOD Harry@Pgasus.be
  9. Most common mistakes seem to be downsizing to fast and buying new gear too soon.
  10. wrespess

    not gunna make it

    I can see how you can think it's that simple, but in reality it's not. What if your DZ is next to a 100,000 acre forest preserve? What if the DZ is on a beach? Some obstructions are to large to simply fly around and require planning.
  11. wrespess

    Rawa PC105 Camera Box

    Does anyone know which sizes of sony PC's will fit in this camera box? I tried their website, but it only shows the different cameras the boxes will accomodate and not the differing form factors of each box.
  12. wrespess

    looking for complete rigs

    You will look back on this decision after you get your license and say... "what the hell was i thinking."
  13. wrespess

    A comment on L & B Customer Service

    same thing happened to mine too. They replaced it free of charge.
  14. wrespess

    Skydiving Incomes

    I rob banks cleverly disguised as an ex-president. It's great because i don't have a real job and get to surf and skydive all week.