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  1. I've also had an outside a-line come undone (it actually came unfingertrapped because the bartack was missed during line replacement) on my comp cobalt 95. I opened with several line twists but was otherwise unnoticeable during my visual inspection after opening. It otherwise flew straight until after initiating a right front riser 90* turn coming into land, it took additional opposite input to halt the turn. Broken outside lines are harder to see than inner ones, Especially on elliptical canopies.
  2. It varies from subject to subject, Generally a quick camera flash doesn't ruin night vision. It can be tested on the ground with the individual subject. It personally doesn't affect my night vision whatsoever, I had some stills taken of me on the last night helicopter jump we did. We used an XTI with the built in flash for my pictures, the up close picture turned out with good results (camera was about 5 feet from me), one from 25 or 30 feet away didn't turn out near as well, but it still wasn't blurry/wavy like alot of night shots end up being.
  3. power - idle, prop feather, fuel off, emergency fuel off. From there it's just a quick visual inspection and then a judgement call from the pilot. Most aviation extinguishers are halon based. Note: I'm not a pilot. So these are my best guesses.
  4. prosecuted? No. Investigated by the FAA and case(s) closed due to lack of evidence? Yes.
  5. if FAR 105.43 is not clear enough for you on parachute requirements, AC105-2C further clarifies it for the implied meaning. Hence why the BaseR is legal, as it is a TSO'd harness to be used with a TSO'd chest-mount reserve pack. (I am unaware if the main pack on the BaseR is TSO'd, i'm inclined to say that it is not, but per 105.43, is still legal for intentional jumping)
  6. i've seen one rawa box that had to be moved, it could even be seen on the helmet where the alignment mark had been made, and then the box installed about 10-degrees off of the mark. The box is riveted to the helmet, so it had to be drilled out and then replaced with either another rivet, or a small bolt & nut.
  7. There is very little difference between setups in how long it takes the pilot chute to inflate, open the container, extend to linestretch, open the bag and remove the bag. The efficiency of the pilot chute and the length of the lines would be the only real variations in the sequence from pitch to bag removal, it takes about a quarter of a second to remove 2 feet from the stows, and if you are getting alot of hesitation from your pilot chute, then it needs to be replaced. The canopy inflation is where the variation comes from. Some canopies like to fully inflate very quickly once they're introduced to the air (sabre, lightning, etc).. Other canopies like the velocity, katana, etc all have a little song and dance they like to do during the inflation sequence.
  8. i'm doing damn good if i've got my goggles, altimeter, and helmet. I generally don't carry any additional items with me unless i'm doing a cross country and then all I take is a cell phone. (and then I usually don't have a helmet or goggles)
  9. how do you get they cost more? The bonehead gunner and the cookie M1 are comparable helmets, and both priced at just over $200. The bonehead optik and the cookie composites MXV are comparable helmets, and both priced at $315. And both of their blackbox units are right at $180-185. The only way i can think of you coming up with that it costs $400 more, is that you priced out a full decked out cookie camera helmet, and compared it to a basic bottom of the line bonehead.
  10. I would say that the chart is somewhat correct. PD recommends a spectre 135 for an exit weight of 128lbs. That is listed as an intermediate. HiPerUSA also states... They then go to say that the maximum canopy size for an exit weight of 130lbs and 100-199 jumps should be a 108. Now you have an exit weight of 135, so how exactly are you falling within those guidelines? Oh that's right... you're not. A 1.3 wingloading is a blanket-statement wingloading for someone with around 300 jumps, this is of course taking into consideration that you are current on canopy control. Your 130 jumps over 2 years is hardly the making of an ultra-current jumper. And the fact that you "have and am still considering upsizing" is the perfect indicator that you should. Nobody will feel any difference after you pound in because you were too stupid to take out a reasonable thought process into the preservation of your own life and limb. If there is one thing about this sport, it certainly weeds out the people who shouldn't be in it, so keep it up.
  11. That single sentence sums up both threads. If you think it is an aggressive canopy for your skill level, then it is. Your canopy should match your skill level. If it's above your skill level, then it's not the canopy you should be on. Honestly, if you were that confident of yourself under that canopy, you wouldn't be running it into the ground on an internet forum. The fact that you can't leave it alone is enough to show most of us that you aren't under a canopy you can properly control, and the sub-par landing videos that you posted to gloat about only reinforced that. I'm a light guy, i jump a small parachute, and don't have anywhere near as many jumps as people think I do by watching me land. I play it smart, I learn the canopy, and I learn from the other canopy pilots who are better than me. There's way more to a parachute than being able to land it safely under good conditions. Can you land it in a 15mph downwind safely? Can you land it in a 15mph crosswind safely? Can you land it on the rear risers? What about with a broken line? After watching your straight-in landings into the wind, I would bet the farm that you can't. So learn to fly a parachute first, then worry about the sizing and speed.
  12. 0:12:lots Skydive Houston had its deadman boogie, so i ducked out of work early on friday and made a few, then did some bigway training on saturday, ending the day off with a helicopter jump. Then did some fun jumps on sunday to round off a great weekend. for my first helicopter jump, and for my first broken finger
  13. thanks to all for the awesome weekend. I enjoyed the bigways all day saturday and learned tons, and then finished off an awesome day with a helicopter jump.
  14. Quote -Remain uninjured -Get to the tunnel at least once -Get in 150+ jumps -Get my B license -Skyfest = helicopter jump -Meet alot more awesome people Quote 1. So far so good. 2. Year isn't over yet, will go sometime later. 3. I've already done 150 jumps this year 4. I've already gotten my C 5. doesn't look like there will be one at skyfest 6. New ones every week. My goals changed a little bit, i've started working on getting my rigger's ticket, and should also have my Coach rating this fall.