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  1. Velo 96 2.3 WL Tailwind - Brakes w/ Big Body Position Light/Variable Wind - Rears w/ Tucked Body Position Headwind - Mild Rears w/ Tucked Body position Of course, always scanning for outs for when you just can't make it back. -Dale
  2. While doing a Tandem, right before exit. A student's first jump after getting his A-License, he managed to entangle a Navigator 240 with the step of a C-182, bail, and hang from it bobbing up and down under the tail. After cutting him away, the Tandem Passenger says "Is that a normal exit?" hahaha priceless! -Dale
  3. Certainly not the best by any means, but a cool shot. Tandem pair coming out of a couple front flips, taken with a Canon Rebel XSI - Stock Lens. -Dale
  4. Well, I figured it out. Just thought I would post incase anyone runs into this, but I'm sure I'm the only one . For an E-Friendly file, .wmv with a 640x480 resolution and PAR set to HD Anamorphic 1.333. Zero black bars all around, and it fills the screen out! For a SD DVD, .mpg2 with a 640x480 resolution and the PAR set to Widescreen 16:9. -Dale
  5. Gotcha. I can play the .mts file with VLC and it fills fine, the pillar boxing only appears after converting the .mts to any other format. It appears on the computer monitor and TV. I opened it in GSpot and it only had Container info. I checked the Media Info in VLC and it shows it as follows: Video: Codec: h264 Resolution: 1920x1080 It also shows it as 1920x1080 when you check details from the library in Premiere. The .avi produced from the .mts that shows the pillar boxing comes up in GSpot as the following: 720x480 SAR 1.5 (3:2) PAR 1.185 (32:27) DAR 1.778 (16:9) Seeing that the PAR is 1.185 and the DAR is 1.778 that would explain the Pillars? If I do a custom .avi and set the aspect ratio to 32:27 the preview looks perfect..... fills out the width and height without any black bars. However, when I export it, it comes out 4:3! That file shows the following in GSpot: 720x480 SAR 1.500 (3:2) PAR 0.889 (8:9) DAR 1.333 (4:3) -Dale
  6. Project Settings: AVCHD 1080i30 (60i) Import the .mts file, shows as 1920x1080 (1.0) 29.97 FPS. Place it on the timeline, then I Export-Media. Export Settings: Microsoft AVI, NTSC DV Widescreen (1.2121) and resolution is locked in at 720x480. The output preview window shows the vertical black bars and they show up in the exported product. If I choose NTSC DV (.9091) the width fills out, but it exports in 4:3 and I can't find any other option to make it 16:9 whilst keeping it .9091. Sorry if I'm really noob at this, never had to deal with this before. -Dale
  7. I'm using Adobe Media Enocder. I see what your talking about, you can adjust aspect ratio and watch what it does. However, no matter what ratio.... preset or custom; there is a very small amount of black bars. It seems anytime I do custom it immediately outputs to 4:3. I tried .mpeg1 and it seemed to be the closest, but very choppy. When I shoot in SD-HQ .mpeg2 I just edit my project and export in .avi 16x9. It comes out very smooth and crisp. Am I missing something here, or is there no easy format to convert AVCHD to SD with? Hate to have to keep shooting SD when I have an HD Camera! -Dale
  8. DSE, I see what you mean; is there any other formats I can use for SD DVD's? Nyhus, I started the project with AVCHD 1920x1080i 29.97fps settings. I have only imported a couple .mts files and they fill out the preview and sequence preview fine. I'm looking for a format I can save the sequence as, that will lower the resolution to 720x480 for a SD DVD; yet still fill the screen out. I don't recall having this issue with my HC5 HDV. -Dale
  9. I finally got to mess around with some CX100 HD footage in Adobe Premiere CS4, everything is great except for when I export! I have tried .wmv, .avi and .mpeg2 and all of them come out fine..... minus the picture doesn't quite fill out the width of my screen/tv. I have tried practically every setting combination for each format to make it work. It is a very small amount, but my OCD is killing me trying to make it fill out. When I worked with SD footage it filled out fine. I am trying to stick with HD to have a better quality SD product. I have attached two video stills to show the difference. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! -Dale
  10. Just picked mine up from VSE last month! I saw some test embroidery work of your "DarkSide" logo on the work table Cashmanimal . Rock solid I-12SN! -Dale
  11. Nice vid! What model Tony Suit was he flying? I couldn't really see enough of the arm wing. -Dale
  12. I have found myself keeping the arm wings zipped 100% of the time. However, it seems I get more performance on solo max distance flights with the leg wing unzipped. The only time I keep the leg wing zipped is when flying dirty/flocking. Anyone notice this? I only have 75 wingsuit jumps 50 of which are on my SM1. I may need some more jumps before I can dial in the ability to utilize the more rigid locked leg wing. -Dale
  13. All of my wingsuit jumps have been out of a C-182, 2-4 ways. The Swing-Under-The-Strut-Backfly-Exit is easily doable. I have exited that way in my Tony SM1 several times without issue. The only semi-difficult part is actually swinging around the strut, but other then that no problems. That exit is real nice because you can have another hanging from the strut and two on the step. Good luck and have fun! -Dale
  14. That was some insane flying, great job! -Dale
  15. Just hit my new best today, previous being 84 sec. Phoenix-Fly Phantom 1, solo jump. Exit - 11,200 ft Open - 3,000 ft Time - 105 sec. Avg. Fall Rate - 53 mph Slowest - 46 mph Ground Cover - Aprox. 4 miles. Plane - C182 This was my 14th wingsuit jump, and my 14th jump on this suit. Loving it!