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Dropzone Reviews posted by cjsgrlsx3

  1. As a newly C licensed skydiver I just had to jump the beach! So I sent a few pushy emails to this dropzone and headed down with four jumpers and two observers! After 5 hours of driving we showed up not knowing a soul! We were immediately greeted with smiles and open arms. We were given a place to sleep, plenty of space on the plane, and invited to dinner! The jumps were fantastic, the staff was great, and I can not say enough about the hospitality!

    Nice, open landing area! And the beach jumps.....AMAZING! Do not pass up this dz! This is one we will visit again but this time bring the camper and stay a week!

  2. I was traveling to Indiana to visit my brother and decided to make a stop here. I am so glad I did! The people there were great. I am used to jumping a PAC but it was a lot of fun to jump the 182. The scenery is beautiful, the facilities are clean and easy to get to, the landing area is very well maintained. I may make a trip there and stop in to see my brother!