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  1. Thanks! Exactly the kind of answer I was looking for! Merry Christmas!
  2. I just received the GoPro 3 White edition but currently own the GoPro 2. Can anyone tell me the specific advantages of owning and using the GoPro 3 versus the GoPro 2? I see what the Black edition has to offer but wondering about the White edition. Anyone see better quality with the White edition over the GoPro 2? Thanks for your help.
  3. I have not found a DZ in Maryland that allows fun jumpers.
  4. There is a guy out there named Will! If you see him, tell him Mama Cass says hello! Have fun and enjoy this sport!
  5. Georgia is a beautiful place to jump! I have jumped at a few there! Welcome to the sky! Where are you doing your training?
  6. My gear is also insured.....why would a DZ send a bill to a jumper for a cutaway? Next thing you know, the packer, manifested, and pilot will also have to chip in to pay for that cutaway main. All of them had a hand in getting said jumper in the air anyway, right? I know that is a little overboard but think about it.
  7. Welcome to the sky! Smile, have fun, and listen to your instructors! This is an amazing sport!
  8. Congrats! Skydive Carolina is one of my favorite places to jump!
  9. We moved from city to country.....the teachers out here don't believe in homework! Yippee! I feel for ya. Good luck, hope ya pass!
  10. Welcome! I see in another post you jump in Va! Which dz did you get your license? I jump at Skydive Suffolk.
  11. VSC ROCKS! Welcome to this amazing sport and enjoy!
  12. I only had about 30 jumps when I did a jump at Skydive Atlanta. It was really hot but I wore a full jump suit, gloves, and a full face helmet. I felt a little silly until I missed judged my landing and ended up on the runway and slid about 30 feet! My jumpsuit had holes all in it but not a scratch on me. I always dress for success on every jump!
  13. Although i have never jumped at Raeford I have been to all three dzs mentioned! Skydive Coastal Carolina is my favorite! I plan on making a trip to Raeford in the next couple of months!
  14. Welcome to the sport! Did you get your license at Raeford?
  15. Off topic here, but anyone is welcome at Jerry's Skydiving Circus! That place rocks!
  16. Congrats on completing your first solo! Welcome to the sky!
  17. Most people fail the test simply because they are nervous.....if you just use what you were taught and have already used in your last 48 jumps all will be good! Reviews what the SIMs asked you to review and all will be good!
  18. There is no "practice" quiz.....you will do fine by looking over the sections the SIMs ask you to! Good luck and Blue Skies!
  19. I can't help with transportation since I am not in the area......but if you will be at Perris you should see about doing a balloon jump! They rock! Make sure you tell them jump numbers and all.....I am not sure what they require you to have. Have fun and Blue Skies!
  20. I love this app! I downloaded it for my android phone and it works great! I took the time to log all my passed jumps in it also so I could have the total freefall time and everywhere I have jumped. My phone breaks, I get a new one and have a horrible time trying to get it to import my old log into it. I sent Tom an email and he basically did all the work for me.....So here's the problem....I received an ipad3 for Mother's Day and downloaded the app to it! I can not get it to import anything. I think the only way for me to import is through dropbox.....I have tried it a number of times. I contacted Tom again and he has tried his best to help me. At first I tried to import it in the wrong format. So I start all over and when I click on the page to convert files so they can be downloaded onto my ipad3 it does not give me that option. I can not click on a "choose option" button. When I try to import it from the dropbox it says it is complete and I am suppose to hit the OK button...I did just to find out nothing was actually imported.... Is anyone else having this problem?
  21. Hahahahahahahaha.......but just think, in a few years you will want this time back! Time flies, enjoy the glitter!
  22. A lot of students get caught up in "failing" skydives. Every skydive you do counts as a jump! When you have your A no one will ask you how many jumps it took to get there! Who cares if you "fail" a jump, just get back out and do it again! Enjoy and good luck!
  23. Usually my routine is to always do a hop-n-pop the first jump of the day. This visit will be the same. Just making sure that I will have someone to jump with after that during the day! Everyone has been very kind so far! Can't wait to visit. I only have one day so I may stay at Elsinore this time.
  24. After speaking to a few people and doing some research, I have decided to head to Elsinore around March 1st!!! I am pretty excited as I have never jumped in California before! I am a belly flier that would prefer to jump with a group of people! So who wants to jump with a visiting jumper?!
  25. I will be in San Diego on Feb 27-March 5. I would prefer to jump through the week unless there won't be jumpers during the week!