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  1. I am a mother of two girls ages 7 and 13. One is a special needs child. My girls and husband have been very supportive of me wanting to skydive. It also gives us a chance to spend some time together as a family. They come with me everytime I go to the DZ and are actually enthusiatic about it. I don't think it is a selfish thing at all. My husband hunts, my 7 year old plays the piano, my 13 year old plays soccer, and mom pretends to be brave one weekend out of the month. So, I think it is great and so does the rest of the family. Keep jumping and include the entire family. Have fun!
  2. I don't know, but for some reason I wasn't scared a bit my first tandem jump. I was a little nervous, but to say I was scared isn't really right. Now my second tandem I was a little scared and a bit more nervous. Everyone I have spoken to says it is that way. Now that I have four tandems (no that is not a typo I have done 4 and no AFFs yet) I am almost scared to do AFF. I really want to but for some reason I get this knot in my gut when I think about having to land on my own. Finding my way back and all. Nothing else scares me except I feel I may get lost. It's strange but that is how I feel!
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    Skydive Suffolk Training Center

    I have done two jumps since June and plan on my third next week. This is a great place to jump. The staff is top notch! Thank You to everyone at Skydive Suffolk!You guys are terrific!