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  1. xwind

    Robbery at Tony Suits

    ... clearly you really dont live in SA. They steal the fibre optic cable anyway because, well it looks like cable and you can make some cool stuff with the Kevlar. http://mybroadband.co.za/news/telecoms/20457-fibre-cable-theft-in-sa.html Wingsuit South Africa
  2. xwind

    Robbery at Tony Suits

    Clearly you dont live in South Africa. Around here they steal the copper out of fibre optic cables. Wingsuit South Africa
  3. Injury list for this event (so far): 1 x Femur 1 x Ankle 1 x Brain injury (person on respirator) 1 x Dead Lets say this was the rugby world cup final injury list. How would this sound then? Since it is skydiving it is somehow ok to host events that have a reputation to kill and maim competitors. Swooping is worse because in regular operations swoop landing patterns have been proven to put both high performance pilots and regular skydivers at risk. Swooping in South Africa has come to the point where it is the only event that receives any attention. The two biggest dropzones did not want to host nationals this year because of the 2008 and 2009 international canopy events that received all dz funding and attention. Guess what was on the TV news tonight? Option a)SA hosts prestigious world skydiving event (with beautiful footage of the competition) Option b)Russian jumper killed while taking part skydiving event (plus full footage of his accident) My friends killed in skydiving during malfunctions: 0 My friends killed in hook turns: 2 My friends injured in malfunctions: 1 My friends injured in hook turns: 15 The tail is waging the dog. Time to reconsider the direction of this sport. Wingsuit South Africa
  4. xwind

    Elsinore formation

    The 71 was also judged on a gird and we were told that it was successful. So all we have to do is hand in that pic to Juri. Wingsuit South Africa
  5. xwind

    Elsinore formation

    11. You forgot to register a .com domain in your name Wingsuit South Africa
  6. xwind

    Elsinore formation

    As long as I am not in that formation, I agree with you 100%. Wingsuit South Africa
  7. xwind

    Elsinore formation

    "I'm jumping out last and making multiple 360's" Ye, I feel your pain. Those otter exits can be real hard. Wingsuit South Africa
  8. xwind

    closing loop

    Drastic price increase on cypress closing loops? Wingsuit South Africa
  9. xwind

    Article on landing wingsuit w/o parachute

    Landing a wingsuit will never be a repeatable feat. Even if pulled off by using a ramp etc it will not be an ‘unassisted’ landing so in my opinion counts for nothing. Please consider alternative topics: - Planned 100 way in Elsinore (progression of wingsuit bigways) - Evolution of suit design (progression of glide etc) - Windsuit base and object proximity flying Wingsuit South Africa
  10. xwind

    Our meeting with a living legend

    On 7 March 2009 we celebrated 5 decades of skydiving in South Africa at the Pretoria Skydiving Club. During this event we had the opportunity to meet a living legend, the man that did the first wingsuit jumps in South Africa. Peter Hazelhurst did the first wingsuit jumps in South Africa in 1958. He was 21 at the time and had only 33 normal parachute jumps. The following files are attached: bm001-page1.jpg: Page 1 of Sunday Times newspaper article on his first wingsuit jump bm001-page2.jpg: Page 2 bm001-page3.jpg: Newspaper article with photos of his wingsuit. It is in Dutch I think (perhaps Jarno can translate) SA Skydiving reunion ! 033.jpg: Our wingsuit group with Peter in the front row centre SA Skydiving reunion ! 035.jpg Our wingsuit group with Peter in the center. Thank you Terryl Cliffe for organizing the skydiving reunion. Wingsuit South Africa
  11. xwind

    Anyone have Joomla experience?

    Joomla is crap. If you like digging around in the darkest corners of the internet for help on a product with fakall documentation joomla is just the thing for you. Even the most trivial thing like adding animated menu buttons require digging around in some of the most undocumented code in the history of computing. Wingsuit South Africa
  12. Thanks for a well organized event. What the grid did do is gave us a measure of what to aim for. If you look at the improvement over the course of event there can be no arguing the success of the gird system. Highlight of the event: Free skydive sponsored by Stoney. Low point: American Coffee (how can you drink that crap) Wingsuit South Africa
  13. xwind

    Post Your Favorite Picture

    Some more pics taken this weekend. Dawie du Plessis on camera. Wingsuit South Africa
  14. xwind

    Post Your Favorite Picture

    Pic by Dawie du Plessis. Wingsuit South Africa
  15. xwind

    2008 Invitational Wingsuit Bigway Event

    Rooms booked at Skyrider Inn. Thanks Scott. Wingsuit South Africa