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  1. White, that is really an option? You haven't seen enough landings yet. - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  2. See, the problem is that the TSO C23 requirements to which reserve parachutes are certified against specify a MAX EXIT WEIGHT of 255lbs. So, at 275 + ~30lbs of gear, you are looking at 305lbs! This is why there is a "problem" for bigger guys in the sport rig market and why many people in this class have to move to the tandem rigs, which are tested with different requirments. (Disclaimer, I got the 255lbs number from a manufactor's website but I'm sure others will correct me if I am wrong) - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  3. Sounds fun. Jealous of all the cool dzs in Cali area - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  4. QuoteI think blogging only caters to a limited crowd..If someone is not into skydiving,there wont be much interest in your blogging.... im not in to hotrods,so i'll never read or interact with a related blog.,,, Which is why an aggregation site is a good idea. That way you can subscribe there and *only* read about skydiving stuff instead of my whole blog which has lots of crap that you don't care about. - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  5. I'm pretty lax, I just don't want it to become a classified section. "I really need to sell my Factory Diver" for example. Likewise, I have been subscribed to PD's blog for many months and never seen an advertisement from them. I would actually welcome a post now and then about new products that they release. Edit to add: A blog post about releasing a new product, or why you produced something is different than a blog post explicitly to sell an item. I think it would be nice to expose your experiences/event reviews to a wider audience, DSE. - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  6. Hi, As an active skydiver, I find it odd that there isn't a single stop for all the skydiving related blogs out there. So, I created This site is an aggregation of skydiver blogs. So, if you have a blog you can get added to this site by emailing me or sending me a PM. So far it is just me and the USPA blog. I emailed PD but they haven't responded yet. Read this for more info: - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  7. Hi, This is just an idea... In the open source software world, alot of projects have "planets" which aggregates blog posts. I'm sure alot of users write about skydiving in their blogs. livejournal, wordpress, blogspot, etc. So it would be interesting to aggregate them here. For examples see: And the software that runs this: Any comments? - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  8. I agree with Phree here. The important thing is to keep up with the times of digital medium. For example, the current hard drives today will physically last, say 4-8 years (approx). But will you have a computer with an ATA connection or SATA that can support those drives in 8 years? Who knows... This same logic can be applied to any current technology. DVD-R will get obsoleted someday, will the next gen players be able to read them? etc etc - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  9. Sent, wish you the best of luck with your DZ. - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  10. Depends on the condition of the main (read: how many jumps on it). I jumped a PD190 for my first 150 jumps and it pretty much sucked for the flare Now, I could jump it just fine. Hit the peas everytime and I have enough expierience with crappy F111 canopies to know how to flare it. Tip: Single stroke flare a tad higher than you would on your old canopy. Works for me, your milage may vary. Good luck with it - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  11. It never ends for me in WI. - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  12. Our pilots don't get paid at all...nor instructors, coaches, manifest "staff", etc. We do it for the love of the sport and give our training back to the newbies for what it cost us Wish more places operated like that. - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  13. I didn't know that you took stills too. Can't wait to see them. Thanks for all the hard work guys, it was fun. - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  14. Thanks for the links. I was hoping not to spend quite that much on my first lens but I may bite the bullet. - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.
  15. Shame on me for replying to myself. I need to measure my dbox when I get home tonight again but maybe the kenko .5 would work: - An online aggregation of skydiver's blogs.