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  1. I sit back and I watch all this drama that gets posted by self-serving, arrogant and immature people and it makes my stomach turn....I dont jump anymore...never was good enough to really make it my sport (yes, I am giving you all the opening to attack me on that one)..but i do still pack...which means I see (and hear) all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on...and bottom line is...the fun drop zone, the good drop zone or the best drop zone is simply the one that you are at, enjoying with your friends and certainly the one that you are accepted by at the moment... As for the best FF??? I hate to tell you SIMON...That is more than just perspective....medals and skill can only be measured against your competition at the time of winning a medal...if you are the best out of 2 or 3 teams, then you are also pretty close to the last place too...skill is determined by the level of competition...go compete against the best....then brag about your medals....and NEVER forget when you get free suits, discounted rates and perks for team practicing and then turn your back on the person that got you to that competition in the first place...hardly a medal worth bragging about if that is how you receive it!!! I am all for promoting your DZ but when some person who is just visiting and trying to have a good weekend and will be 20 mintues from a perfectly good DZ and you are trying to send em YOUR resume instead....well make sure they get full disclosure(for example Simon...the DZ you're bragging about having at least two staff who have assaulted people)....THAT is the kind of stuff that makes you credible in your referrals...not your medals!!! Attack away people...I gave ALL fact in my statement, so all attacks won't matter a bit to me!
  2. AWESOME! And if ever you are in the great state of Texas...let us know...
  3. Hey Mario. I am new to the sport (only 28 jumps) and I jump at a new DZ here in Texas...Capitol Skydiving. We have sunsets at our DZ that are as beautiful as that pic you posted of your Greek sky. boyfriend and I are always going on about places we would like to travel to and one that we always agree on is Greece...(that couch big enough for two...we are pretty small???) I definitely think that Greece will be a stop for us someday...
  4. Yes...A great big shout out to the G-RATS....but I feel a little like this "" this morning!!!
  5. JAC is right! Forecast looks good (with the exception of really cold, so everyone bring under armor)...Fingers & Toes all crossed
  6. glad this thread is back on track...the whole pajama party babble was reminiscent of nonsensical bonfire bullshit At least it was about the Rats Rev after-competition activities...which should be a competition in itself with these guys...and not TOTALLY off-track...
  7. YOU decided when you filled out the registration form and checked "beginner" "intermediate" or "pro/advanced"....
  8. Dont worry Linder....there are more out there....just not on the radar yet...
  9. Don't make that face, you KNOW your boyfriend would try them on in a heartbeat. Hmmmm...I may go buy him a pair just for Saturday night...In fact....I think ALL the guys should wear footy pj's....there's a photo op worth seeing! Girls....whatdayathink...should we all make sure our men are nice and warm in their flanal, footies???
  10. I will certainly try Lisa.... Linder in footy, yellow-duck PJ's???
  11. Don't put your guard down for a second this weekend girl or you will be in lots of "photo ops"....
  12. Yippeeeeee! Finally, I can wear my own Rat shirt and not one that I have to bum from my boyfriends' closet...
  13. Okay all you working-class people out there sitting at your desks reading this and wishing it was any of you have a magic wand that can help speed up this's dragging and I am all out of pixie dust and happy thoughts....ARGGGG!!!